• AD8000 amplification

    HI I am trying to design an amplifier at a high frequency of 20 MHz and above. I am using AD8000 to amplify the input of 1V. But I am not able to get the desired gain output. I am getting the same output as the input of 1V. I am attaching the multisim…

  • AD8000 in Multisim


    I've recently started simulations in multisim. And I tried to obtain the conditions described in AD8000 datasheet: page 15, non-inverting configuration, one of these Rf, Rg pairs.

    And in multisim I have never achieved -3dB bandwidth as in this…

  • evaluationboard for the AD8000


    i have a simple question about the evaluation-board for the AD8000 as SOIC. How thick is the board? I need the information to get the right SMA jacks, but i can't find any physical dimensions in the datasheet.

    Thanks Robert

  • RE: my circuit does not working on the realworld-II


    This is a duplicate thread. Please refer to this thread for the answer and further details - AD8000 output distortion



  • AD8000 absolute maximum differential input voltage

    The absolute maximum differential input voltage for the AD8000 is listed as +/-Vs. Does that mean the differential input voltage can equal the total supply voltage without damage?

  • 关于AD8000


  • AD8000 放大光脉冲信号问题




  • AD8000 spice model仿真问题

    我在使用AD8000 的spice model时候,pspice提示缺少子电路.SUBCKT SWHYSTE2和.subckt Rvar,请问应该到哪下载这两个仿真子电路模型?


  • AD8000 pspice model noise

    Dear All,

    I'm trying to simulate the low frequency noise behaviour of the AD8000 CFA for a DC coupled application.

    The question is: is the noise well modelled? I'm obtaining weird results while replicating the measurement conditions of the datasheet…

  • AD8000放大大信号时出现振铃,请教原因