• AD8000 amplification

    HI I am trying to design an amplifier at a high frequency of 20 MHz and above. I am using AD8000 to amplify the input of 1V. But I am not able to get the desired gain output. I am getting the same output as the input of 1V. I am attaching the multisim…

  • evaluationboard for the AD8000


    i have a simple question about the evaluation-board for the AD8000 as SOIC. How thick is the board? I need the information to get the right SMA jacks, but i can't find any physical dimensions in the datasheet.

    Thanks Robert

  • AD8000 in Multisim


    I've recently started simulations in multisim. And I tried to obtain the conditions described in AD8000 datasheet: page 15, non-inverting configuration, one of these Rf, Rg pairs.

    And in multisim I have never achieved -3dB bandwidth as in this…

  • RE: my circuit does not working on the realworld-II


    This is a duplicate thread. Please refer to this thread for the answer and further details - AD8000 output distortion



  • RE: Active Probe with FET input op amp

    Hi Jonathan,

    Thank you.

    How about the idea of using the following together?

    Input stage with AD4817

    Output with the AD8000

    Output voltage swing of AD4817 will be limited to 0.1Vpp for an input swing of 5Vpp.

    AD8000 will be unity gain.

    Input resistor…

  • RE: Same function by using same pcb deign for AD8001&AD8000

    Hello Jino,

    Thanks for you reply quickly. 

    I have a question about your answer: Is that "universal" demo baord suitable for testing AD8000&AD8001? For, as you said, that evaluation board didn't remove ground plane under/below pin/pad.…

  • RE: AD8000 input to output isolasion, Chip Enabled

    Hi, JinoL

    I got a reminder from the customer again.

    Did you have isolation characteristic data of AD8000?

    Best regards,


  • RE: Amplifier Selection?

    Hi Einstein,

    I suggest you add AD8000 (1.5 GHz Ultrahigh Speed Op Amp) and AD8003 (Triple, 1.5 GHz Op Amp) to your Op Amps consideration, both are current feedback amplifiers. Current Feedback amplifiers offer wide closed-loop bandwidth, low distortion…

  • RE: AD8000 放大光脉冲信号问题


  • AD8000 not working when configured as a noninverting amp


    We are evaluating AD8000 (8-Lead SOIC package) by soldering it to its compatible eval. board, UG-084.

    When we configure the AD8000 as an Inverting amplifier, things seem to work fine. However, when it is configured as a noninverting amplifier…