• AD8000 model

    Original Question: AD8000 model by yishii

    ADIsimPE ver14.0.0.162 doesn't contail AD8000 model.

    Could you provide AD8000 model?



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  • AD8000&AD8001 PCB design issues


    I'm designing AD8000&AD8001 for testing purpose. The AD8000's datasheet says:"Do not use ground and power planes under any of the pins of the AD8000." Is this means that I have avoid copper of the ground (or power) plane adjacent top layer?…

  • RE: AD8000 Spice Model

    Hi Ian,

    The AD8099 is a voltage feedback amplifier while the AD8000 employs current feedback. Your circuit might need to be tweaked for it to work properly on the AD8000. (For example, putting a capacitor at the feedback loop in a CFB amp would not…

  • AD8000 high speed high side current sensing circuit oscillation


    I made a high speed high side current sense using AD8000. 

    The PCB works as expected except it sometimes starts oscillation.

    The oscillation starts at power up, but it could be stoped by shorting the outputs of two input stage AD8000s.

    The circuit is…

  • inverting input impedance of AD8000


    I'm using AD8000 to build schmitt trigger. I connect the input signal to the inverting input. I would like to have 1M ohm input impedance while now I wonder how much the inverting input impedance of AD8000 is. How can I make sure my input impedance…

  • RE: ad8000 spice simulation problem

    Hi Kwak,

    May I know what your intended application is?

    Anyway, I replicated your circuit and run it successfully.

    Do these instead.

    Step 1: Make folder for design files (i.e AD8000 application)

    Step 2: Open AD8000.cir file; File >> Save as>> AD8000…

  • Can the input of the AD8000 be a differential signal?

    In the documentation “ADI Arbitrary Waveform Generator Solution” given on the official website (https://www.analog.com/en/design-center/landing-pages/002/apm/arbitrary-waveform-generator-solution.html), It is said that the AD8000 is used to…

  • AD8000 - Input overvoltage protection


    I am currently using an AD8000 amplifier in a non-inverting configuration (Figure 52. Video Line Driver in the datasheet).

    Can you tell me if there is any kind of OVP or ESD diode built into the AD8000? If yes, how much DC current can they handle…

  • RE: Bandwidth of AD8000 in non-inverting configuration

    Hi Atul,

    Figure 5 does match the data in Table 5. Please note that the graph is in log scale.

    These discussions would help in your layout considerations. AD8000&AD8001 PCB design issues and Same function by using same pcb design for AD8001&AD8000…

  • AD8000 decoupling


    I have a question regarding decoupling of AD8000 but it's a general question.

    Can I place decoupling capacitors close to the GND (or -VS) pins instead of +Vs. I assume that results will be the same but I didn't find any article or note which…