• AD8000 as a comparator

    Dear All,

    Am Attempting to use AD8000 as a comparator but my Out put is not toggling when ever V+ > V- or vice a versa. Am unable to understand reason, can any one help to resolve?

    Application is Current is to be measured using Voltage drop across…

  • Two questions about AD8000

    Hello Guys,

    I have two questions about AD8000:

    1. What's the input impedance of the inverting input?

    2. How to simulate AD8000 in LTSpice? I can't its model in LTSpice?

    Best Regard

  • How to apply AD8000's feedback path?

    Hello Guys,

    How to connect AD8000's feedback path? Connect output to input or connect FB pin to input? If connect output to input, how to process FB pin? Let it floating?


  • Voltage follower realized by using AD8000 question

    Hello Guys,

    We plan to implement a  voltage follower by using AD8000. The schematic design likes below

    My questions are:

    1. Is this implemented? Do I need to add feed back resistor between feedback pin and input port?

    2. Can i need to connect output…

  • AD8000 supply range

    In the datasheet for AD8000 amplifier, the absolute maximum supply voltage is 12.6 V.

    This means (+Vs) - (-Vs) must be less than 12.6 V. Typical supplies for +Vs and -Vs are +/- 5V.

    However, for my application, I wish to have +9V and -1V as +Vs and -Vs…

  • AD8000 consuming too much current and getting heated


    I'm developing a transimpedance amplifier for an electrical impedance spectroscopy system and chose the AD8000 (SOIC 8 package) for this purpose. I also have designed a PCB that is able to connect to an Analog Discovery 2 (Digilent version). The AD2…

  • AD8000 model

    Original Question: AD8000 model by yishii

    ADIsimPE ver14.0.0.162 doesn't contail AD8000 model.

    Could you provide AD8000 model?



    Verified Answer: RE: AD8000 model by ezadminThis question has been closed by the EZ team and is assumed…

  • AD8000 absolute maximum differential input voltage

    The absolute maximum differential input voltage for the AD8000 is listed as +/-Vs. Does that mean the differential input voltage can equal the total supply voltage without damage?

  • AD8000 decoupling


    I have a question regarding decoupling of AD8000 but it's a general question.

    Can I place decoupling capacitors close to the GND (or -VS) pins instead of +Vs. I assume that results will be the same but I didn't find any article or note which…

  • Can the input of the AD8000 be a differential signal?

    In the documentation “ADI Arbitrary Waveform Generator Solution” given on the official website (https://www.analog.com/en/design-center/landing-pages/002/apm/arbitrary-waveform-generator-solution.html), It is said that the AD8000 is used to…