• AD7999 External Reference Voltage activation for Linux

    Hello Team,

    I am trying to enable external reference voltage in AD7999 chip using Rcar evaluation board with Linux kernel. (IIO framework)

    In the available driver code, there is no option to set the external voltage reference configuration. I tried to…

  • 关于四路ADC AD7999的问题


    电路用四个电位器分别作为四路模拟输入, 某一路模拟输入发生改变时(电位器旋钮),临近的下一位值读出值会发生变化。

    规律如下:如果   IN1 改变 造成IN2 读出值变化,IN3,IN4不受影响。IN1主动变化0~255, IN2数字输出被动改变约10,                   同时上升同 时下降。 下同不重复

                       如果   IN2 改变 造成IN3 读出值变化,IN1,IN4不受影响。


                       如果   IN4 改变 造成IN1 读出值变化,IN2,IN3不受影响。


  • Using AD7999 IIO driver

    We've hooked up an ad7999 to the I2C bus of a Zynq 7015 (connected via MIO).

    I added the ad7999 from the staging area to the kernel config, and on the devicetree using the following snippet:

                   /* AD converter for voltage monitoring */
  • AD7999 fails to measure in kernel 3.17

    Kernel version 3.15 with (staging) AD7999 driver:

    # cat /sys/bus/iio/devices/iio\:device0/in_voltage*






    Kernel version 3.17 fails to report the measured voltages, using the same devicetree:

    # cat /sys/bus/iio/devices…

  • RE: 关于ad7991转换的一些疑惑

    1. 寄存器配置一次即可。

    2. After the master has addressed the AD7991/AD7995/AD7999, the part begins to power up on the ninth SCLK rising edge. At the same time, the acquisition phase begins. When approximately 0.6 µs have elapsed, the acquisition phase ends. The…

  • RE: AD7779, SPI control and Dout

    Hi Lluis, thanks again for the reply. I may not have asked my question in the clearest way though. I am intending to use several AD7779 devices and will collect data on Dout. I would like to use SPI to configure the devices to access the settings not available…

  • RE: ad7991 with odc - Unable to create buffer


    I was able to reproduce the issue. Please try the following fix iio: ad799x: Fix buffered capture for ad7991/ad7995/ad7999 · analogdevicesinc/linux@e7bf30e · GitHub.

    I simply could not reproduce it earlier due to a configuration error, sorry for…

  • 2009-10-29 11:24:54     i2c read access query

    2009-10-29 11:24:54     i2c read access query

    Appalayagari Sreedhar (INDIA)

    Message: 81872   


    I am working with uClinux distribution 2009 R1-RC1. BF527 Rev 0.2 custom board.

    One of the components on our custom board is AD7999. It is TWI with BF527…