• AD7998

    AD7998 datasheet says that the voltage range for external reference can be any between 1.2 and VDD. I acquired an eval-ad7998 board and rewired one of the digital potentiometer to work as the external reference voltage at 1.0 vcc (my magic number). The…

  • Typographical error in AD7998 data sheet?


    I have read the AD7998 data sheet.
    "Figure 29 writing a 2-byte read operation from the conversion result register."

    Datasheet AD7997/AD7998 (Rev. 0 | Page 29 of 32)

    However, I think that the figure showing the "2-byte read operation" is not…

  • AD7998: Unused control pin

    I do not intend to use AD7998 pin 16 (CONVST) for control.
    Do I tie this pin high-low or leave floating.
    Intend to use Mode 2 only for conversions.


    The CONVST pin should be tied low for all other modes of operation.
    I do not intend…
  • RE: AD7998 problems with reading sequence of channels in mode 2


    If you run the part in Mode 2 Sequence Operation it is important to issue a “repeated start” after writing the command/address point bits to the AD7998. A STOP from the master (at this point or any other point in time while the AD7998 is in the sequence…

  • RE: How to use AD7998 with BeagleBone

    Hi Tigerclaw,

         I am assuming that you are developing a software for the AD7998 to monitor battery value on Vin1. I can refer you to the AD799x family wiki page. You can find here a software driver, design for the AD799x family which can be use as your…

  • AD7998 instable conversion results


    I am testing the AD7998 on several identical boards. I get 50 samples each second and provide the average of these conversion data.

    VREF is provided by REF195. The input data are buffered and filtered and perfectly stable (measured with a precision…

  • AD7997/7998 ALERT/BUSY Pin

    For the AD7997 / AD7998 If the ALERT/BUSY functionality is not being used can the ALERT/BUSY pin be left float or must it be tied high or low?  I see guidance here to tie the CONVST pin low if it will not be used but do not see anything specific to ALERT…

  • RE: Method to address 32 or more ADCs on the same SPI bus?

    Hi, Mike.

    Would the customer need 32 individual ADCs or can he make use of multichannel ADCs? We have the AD7997/AD7998, ADCs with 8-channels and have an I2C compatible interface. These parts have 2 versions and by giving different addresses for the…

  • BF518 TWI (AD7998) issue (sequence mode)

    Hi to all.

    I have some issue with AD7998 ADC.

    AD7998 adc supports several modes and use twi for data transfering.

    When i use single conversion mode (conversion by command) all works fine.

    When i use sequence mode (conversion all channels one by one…

  • AD7998 channel-channel interference in Mode 2

    I'm debugging a board which uses the AD7998 12-bit multiplexed ADC converter and appears to have channel-channel interference. There appears to be an issue with around 40% of the boards to a lesser degree.

    The ADC device is used in MODE2 where 6 channels…