• Question on AD7997


    Please tell me below.

    Between AD7997 and MCU are connected with Vdd,GND,SDA,SCL, not using CONVST pin.

    1. Can MCU conduct polling process by using Command mode?  Then doesn't the CONVST pin need?
    2. In the case of not using CONVST pin,  how…
  • AD7997 continuous conversion


    I would like to use the AD7997, I don't want to use the CONVST pin ( mode 3 ).

    If I'm not wrong:

    at the beginning I write to the config register :

    0x02: 0x0F 0xF6

    This means that I want the pin to tell me when the device is busy And I…

  • AD7997 split planes required?

    For layout of the AD7997  A/D converter, are split planes (analog vs. digital) required under the chip and signal lines?   

  • AD7997/7998 ALERT/BUSY Pin

    For the AD7997 / AD7998 If the ALERT/BUSY functionality is not being used can the ALERT/BUSY pin be left float or must it be tied high or low?  I see guidance here to tie the CONVST pin low if it will not be used but do not see anything specific to ALERT…

  • AD7997 max/min conversion results always zero


    In attempt to implement peak detection I'm trying to collect Max values using the AD7997 connected to an I2C bus operating at 156us/bit.

    During startup initialize the ADC as follows:

    Vin1-Vin4 are connected so set the Configuration register…

  • Three AD7997 on the same I2C bus

    Dear forum,

    I already used in the past two AD7997-1 on the same bus, connecting the AS pin to Vdd and GND.

    Now I have to design a modular system composed by three identical boards (so I can't use AD7997-0 and AD7997-1). On each board I have to use one…

  • AD7997 and specific temperature for leakage current info

    Is there any data available for leakage current below 85°C? Maybe typ. max.
    values at 60°C or curve for leakage over temperature?


    We only specified the max value (i.e. worst cases) for the min and max
    temperature ranges.
  • AD7997 - No ACK after LSB of configuration

    Hello, I'm communicating with my ADC AD7997 using an Arduino Fio. I'm not getting an ACK after a write to the the LSB of the configuration register, as seen in the attached picture. As a result, my ADC is not getting configured properly (as could be seen…

  • AD7997 inconsistent conversion results, front end filter assistance

    I'm working on a design that includes the AD7997, the ADCMP393 and the TI LM2902 and am seeing inconsistent and inaccurate voltage reads from the AD7997.  I am trying to determine how to rectify this and produce stable and accurate reads from the AD7997…

  • LabVIEW examples for EVAL AD7997/7998 EBZ

    Hello everyone,

    I just got an evaluation board for AD 7998, and want to integrate its function into my LabVIEW ASAP, but the SW provided is already packaged .

    Does anyone have an example code could share with me?  My email is silvesterrpi@gmail.com