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  • AD7992 Mode 3


    When AD7992 is operated in Mode 3 - Automatic cycle mode, what should be the connection for CONVSTn pin?



  • AD7992 driver not providing in_voltage_scale


    I'm using AD7992 on a custom board and its Linux driver seems to only partially work. I'm using linux kernel 4.9.4 and I've defined the device tree as follows:

     ad7992_vcc: fixedregulator0 {
        compatible = "regulator-fixed";
  • Ask questions about AD7992

    Hi, Here are the description of the CN0288. It shows that the signal dynamic range is 82dB, while the SNR of AD7992 is only 74dB.I think the dynamic range is not sufficient for AD7992,we should use higher resolution ADC,do you think so?

    Below is the…

  • AD7992 Voltage Applied to CONVST and ALERT


    I'm using AD7992 and I have VDD set to 5.0V but my MCU is at 3.3V. There is a condition where 5.0V gets turned off to save power, but the CONVSTn and ALERT/BUSY lines are pulled up to 3.3V with a pull-up resistor in order to communicate with the…

  • AD7992 I2C reads same channel twice


    We are using both input channels of the AD7992 and its power supply is the reference. We use the command mode (mode 2), to set the ADC up and read the data back it. The I2C sequence used is as explained in the datasheet:

    <7-bit address + W> ACK …

  • AD7992 - Cannot see device on I2C-Bus

    Dear community,

    I am facing a problem when trying to use the AD7992. I have a Linux based Board which I am using for development of different sensor systems. The board has been extended by using a PCA9544A Multiplexer (4-Channel) to have 4 I2C-Busses…

  • AD7992: Blocking conversion or register update in Modes 2 and 3

    I would like to be able to "freeze" the value in the conversion register while in Mode 2 using a signal local to the AD7992.  Will holding ^CONVST high prevent the start of conversion that would be initiated by an I2C write command (or at least…

  • Is I2C Clock required in AD7992 Automatic Cycle Conversion mode?

    Hi All,

    We are using AD7992 analog to digital converter in our new


    DWDM-PON based ONT design. The preferred mode of operation for the


    converter is Mode 3 i.e. the Automatic cycle mode. Please confirm


    whether the I2C clock is used for polling…

  • AD7992-0驱动代码问题紧急求救