• RE: AD7992 Voltage Applied to CONVST and ALERT

    Hi Ryan,

          I would not recommend turning off the VDD of the AD7992 and at the same time pulling CONVST and ALERT/BUSY with 3.3V. If there is a need to save power, the AD7992 has modes of operation and to shutdown to save power when the AD7992 is not converting…

  • AD7992-0


  • RE: Is I2C Clock required in AD7992 Automatic Cycle Conversion mode?

    Hi Mayank,

    The conversion clock used in Mode 3 (Automatic cycle mode) is provided by an on chip oscillator. The conversion clock period is specified in the “Cycle timer” register.  As the I2C bus should be quite during a conversion (in order to achieve…

  • AD7992 Mode 3


    When AD7992 is operated in Mode 3 - Automatic cycle mode, what should be the connection for CONVSTn pin?



  • RE: Equivalent to AD7292 with 2 alert pin

    Hi Mayank,

        I can refer you to AD799x ADI part that also uses I2C interface. This part has ALERT feature that acts as an out of range indicator, if enabled, becomes active When conversion results violates the DATAhigh or DATAlow register values.


  • AD7992 driver not providing in_voltage_scale


    I'm using AD7992 on a custom board and its Linux driver seems to only partially work. I'm using linux kernel 4.9.4 and I've defined the device tree as follows:

     ad7992_vcc: fixedregulator0 {
        compatible = "regulator-fixed";
  • RE: AD698 LVDT Signal Conditioner


    As per last response, The AD698 linearity spec typically at 75ppm will have an 13.7 bit accuracy, the worst would be at 500ppm which is a 11 bit accuracy.

    So, instead of using AD7992 which is12 bit ADC, if i use 14-bit or 16-bit ADC, what would…

  • RE: Question about ADC Product

    Hi Kazu,

       Currently ADI have the 12 bit resolution in the portfolio, the AD7992 (AD7994 -4 channels) and as mentioned the LTC2451 but the concern is the address was factory set. Is it okay for you to share particular application to be use.


  • RE: 签个到,送您好礼啦!(获奖名单已公布)


  • [征文] IN118的基准源用AD的芯片,上面写着D6B,困饶我很久了 AD5312