• AD7989-1 SDO输出在时钟结束时有很长的下降沿


    请问AD7989-1  在开始读取数据时,SDO输出在时钟结束时有很长的下降沿,是什么原因造成的?

  • AD7989 in pseudo-differential mode?


    I am about to use the 18-bit SAR ADC AD7989 to sample data from a sensor. The sensor outputs voltage that is referred to some offset voltage (that is rather stable, but can slightly float - i.e. almost DC). The signal bandwidth is cca 30 kHz.

  • RE: 关于AD7989-1BRMZ采样不准确

    1. AD7989-1共模输入范围为VREF × 0.475《VREF × 0.5《 VREF × 0.525, 建议AD8476的VOCM接到VREFx0.5的电平上。

    2. AD7989-1前的RC不要去掉。

    3. AD7989-1参考引脚去耦电容应该为10uF. Reference Input Voltage. The REF range is 2.4 V to 5.1 V. This pin is referred to the GND pin and must…

  • AD7989 has Branding C7P ?

    Is AD7989 has Branding C7P ? Please help by replying

  • AD7989-5 power consumption


    On the AD7989-5 data sheet it is mentioned that the total power dissipation  is 3.5 mW at 500 kSPS. 

    On the web page http://www.analog.com/en/products/analog-to-digital-converters/ad7989-5.html#product-overview it is mentioned 3.5 μW. 

    I assume that…

  • AD7989-5咨询




  • The out of AD7989-5 is wrong

    The power of ad7989-5 must be 2.5V? i use 3.3V, and then i use single mode directly ,the result is that if ain+ is under 2.0v, the adc out is wrong,  how to solve the problem on pcb board?, 3.3V or  single mode?

  • The stability of  AD7989-5 on board clock

    AD7989 will be used to collect sensor signal and then data will be correlated with a reference fequence base to detect very weak signal.Normally the sampling clock should be derived from the same clock source as correlated   fequence base.With AD7989-5…

  • AD7989-5的使用方式问题


  • .file_attr 1="1";

    Building a project imported from CCES 1.1.0 to 2.3.0 I get this error:

    [Error ea5004] "C:\Users\G\AppData\Local\Temp\acc3554de5a000\acc3554de5a001.s":659 Syntax Error in :
    .file_attr 1="1";
    syntax error is at or near text '1'.…