• SHARC 2147x. Simultaneously Sampling 6 xx AD7988-5 via 6xx SPORT Interfaces



    Is it possible to simultaneously sample 6 xx AD7988-5 AT 500 KSPS via 6xx SPORT Interfaces of an SHARC 2147x?


    Can a Frame Sync (and possible a Clock) be shared by 6xx SPORT Ports?  The Frame Sync would generate the CNV pulse that would…

  • AD7988-x in pseudo-differential input applications

    For pseudo-differential input applications of the AD7988-1, or AD7988-5, can
    the IN- be connected to a voltage other than GND?


    The IN- can be connected to max input voltage of -0.1V to +0.1V.
  • AD7988-5・SDO high impedance period


    Is the time during which the SDO of AD7988-5 is in high impedance specified?

    Is it equal to tCNVH? or tCONV
    ? or tCNVH+tEN?


  • AD7988-x: ADC input exceed Vref or GND

    Can the ADC inputs of AD7988-1 or AD7988-5 exceed the reference voltage or go
    below ground?


    The ADC inputs should not exceed the reference or go below ground by more than
    0.3V as this may result in the ADC being damaged. If this is…
  • RE: AD7989-5的使用方式问题



    16 位的AD7988-5是单端输入类型。

  • RE: AD7679 Drive by Single-Ended Signal

    Hi Ricky,

    AD7641 is the same input configuration of  AD7679 differential ADC . If he wants SE(pseud-diff)ADC we can recommend the AD7988-5 or some similar SE ADC in the same family of AD7679 like the AD7666.



  • RE: AD7988 Power

    Hi Peter,

    The power for the AD7988 is related and varies linearly with throughput. The power consumption of the AD7988 can be derive by simply multiplying energy per conversion with the sample rate.



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