• AD7988 - 1

    Good afternoon....

    I currently am using the above subject successfully in a design.  The power supplies are as follows: Vref = 2.5V, VDD = 2.5V and VIO = 2.7V - 3.6V.  Moving forward I would like to re-route the analog supply, VDD to track with VIO.  Can…

  • AD7988-1 don't answer

    Hello. I designed circuit based on AD-7988-1. The circuit repeates the reference design for the CS-mode (SDI pullup).
    After circuit has been assembled, I checked the power supply and the reference voltage to the output circuit - everything is fine: VDD…

  • AD7988-x in pseudo-differential input applications

    For pseudo-differential input applications of the AD7988-1, or AD7988-5, can
    the IN- be connected to a voltage other than GND?


    The IN- can be connected to max input voltage of -0.1V to +0.1V.
  • RE: About AD7988 VREF current consumption

    Hi Laliberte,

         The AD7988 is a SAR ADC and is made up of switched capacitor. These switched capacitor present a dynamic load. The reference must be able to handle time and throughput dependent currents. The 250uA is the typical current load that the…

  • AD7988-x: ADC input exceed Vref or GND

    Can the ADC inputs of AD7988-1 or AD7988-5 exceed the reference voltage or go
    below ground?


    The ADC inputs should not exceed the reference or go below ground by more than
    0.3V as this may result in the ADC being damaged. If this is…
  • AD7988 Power

    I am seeking an ultralow power ADC.  The data sheet for the AD7988-1 indicates an energy comsumption spec of 7nJ/conversion - is there a range of sample rates for which this is valid, or does it apply for any sample speed?

  • RE: AD7988-1, differential input, common mode rejection on VCOM


    The 60dB analog input CMRR typical spec should be close to what you'll achieve. The AD7988-1 is a pseudo differential input device, so it's effectively single-ended. As stated in the datasheet, the IN- pin should be connected to the analog ground…

  • AD7988-1 Operating Currents vs. Supply (figure 23 in datasheet Rev A)

    On the AD7988-1 datasheet Rev A, on page 12 of 24, what sample rate is figure
    23 "Operating Currents vs. Supply" based on?


    The max sample rate is 100kSPS. Figure 23 can apply to this sample rate, and
    any sample rate less than…
  • RE: AD7678 ADC is not giving any value below 200mV

    If this is the case you should use a pseudo differential ADC. It allows IN- to vary up to ~100mv or so from ground and the IN+ can go all the way to the ref value. There are pin compatible p-diff parts like the AD7660. However there are newer p-diff ADCs…

  • RE: AD7988-1的采样率范围