• AD7986 External reference (Vref) typo? and connection queries

    using the AD7986 with an external reference configuration (with a +5V
    ADR435 ref) with PDREF=high and REFIN=low.

    first question is : how you connect my external reference buffer (AD8031) ?
    The REF pin and the BVDD pin should be connected together…

  • RE: AD7986 - Data Reading

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  • AD7986 vs. AD7641

    Can anyone tell me what is the major difference between these two chips?

    BTW: Is the SMA (SMB?) adapter in the attached picture included in the EVAL-AD7986 package?  If not, where can I get it?



  • CPLD读取AD7986数据问题


  • RE: ACE plugin for EVAL-AD7986FMCZ

    Hi DavidP,

    Unfortunately there is no ACE plugin yet developed for the EVAL-AD7986FMCZ.

    The AD4003 is a very similar product to the AD7986, being a differential, 18-bit, 2 MSPS SAR ADC. The AD4003 has better performance and comes in a smaller package size…

  • What type of converters can the ADA4807 drive?

    What type of converters can the ADA4807 drive?


    The low broadband noise of 3.1nV/rHz and the low distortion of -139dBc makes
    the ADA4807 an ideal option for driving 16 and 18 bit SAR converters such as
    the AD7980, AD7685/AD7686 and the AD7982…

  • RE: ADI工程师博客分享——如何正确驱动SAR ADC前端

    以下内容是网友就此新网络工具与 AnneM 的讨论,顺便也分享下~ 当然,你也可以就此工具提出自己的建议或意见哦