• RE: AD7985芯片SDO管脚中断输出问题


    AD7985 数据手册和产品信息 | 亚德诺半导体 

  • Questions for your AD7985

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am just studing to use your AD7985 with your datasheet page.19, Fig 27 CSB Mode, 3-Wire Without Busy Indicator Serial Interface Timing (SDI High) condition. Also I will be worked AD7985 with fix the procedure of conversion and acquition…

  • RE: AD7985 datasheet question

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  • AD7985 Eval Board

    I have the AD7985 eval board and I am referring to the EVAL-AD7944_85_86EDZ manual (a pdf file got in the cd came with the board). I am trying to test the AD7985 with Beaglebone Black over SPI Interface. Few things are not clear.

    1. Somewhere in the…

  • RE: A/D USB interface for Si amplified photodiode

    Hi, Vincent.

    The 16-bit AD7985 was used together with a flexible sensor signal conditioning block which can be used for accurate smallsignal measurements in this reference circuit. The AD7985 has an input voltage range of 0-Vref (Vref can be externally…

  • AD8253 Single input circuit?

    This is the reference circuit about the AD8253 and AD7985.

    There are differencial input ports in the AD8253 and I want to use this device for single input.

    Then how can I connet the other input pin?

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  • RE: ADC evaluation board choose

    Hi Yake,

    I have attached a list of some of the ADCs that fit your criteria of 2MSPS sampling rate or higher at resolution of 12bits or more.

    You may also wanted to check the ADI website and do a parametric search (http://www.analog.com/ps/psthandler…

  • RE: ADC 12/14BIT, >2mS/S, Parallel digital interface

    Hi Meir,

    You may  want to check the ADI website and do a parametric search to filter the product display  base form your recommended specification.


    Here are some ADCs that might help  you start with, kindly see attched file.

  • RE: AD7985时钟偶尔出现异常,导致数据输出异常的问题

    SCK 是用户的控制器来发送的时钟信号,AD7985只是高阻输入引脚。

    要确认这个问题,最好用示波器测量CNV, SCK, SDO波形,看一下。