• RE: AD7985 Data Registers

    Hi Brandon,

    By reference materials, do you mean example code for a microcontroller?

    The closest thing to that that we have is the AD7980 No-OS driver linked above, but that uses the 4-Wire without Busy mode, not the 3-wire option. It may not be exactly…

  • RE: AD7985 datasheet question

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  • RE: AD7985时钟偶尔出现异常,导致数据输出异常的问题

    SCK 是用户的控制器来发送的时钟信号,AD7985只是高阻输入引脚。

    要确认这个问题,最好用示波器测量CNV, SCK, SDO波形,看一下。

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  • Questions for your AD7985

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am just studing to use your AD7985 with your datasheet page.19, Fig 27 CSB Mode, 3-Wire Without Busy Indicator Serial Interface Timing (SDI High) condition. Also I will be worked AD7985 with fix the procedure of conversion and acquition…

  • RE: A/D USB interface for Si amplified photodiode

    Hi, Vincent.

    The 16-bit AD7985 was used together with a flexible sensor signal conditioning block which can be used for accurate smallsignal measurements in this reference circuit. The AD7985 has an input voltage range of 0-Vref (Vref can be externally…

  • Best ADC for High voltage inputs?

    I’m trying to decide which ADC to use for a high voltage front end.  Here are the requirements for the ADC:

    Fixed input range +/- 50V

    16 bit resolution

    10 Meg input impedance

    1 MHz Bandwidth

    2 or 3 MSPS or greater

    Serial or SPI output

    I’ve been…

  • RE: ADC with really "True differential input"

    Hi vlad8016,

             What Klaus mentioned are right. There are three most common types of ADC input structure a.) Single- Ended b.) Pseudo Differential c.) True Differential.  From your description above I can see that you are looking for ADC that has a pseudo…

  • AD8253 Single input circuit?

    This is the reference circuit about the AD8253 and AD7985.

    There are differencial input ports in the AD8253 and I want to use this device for single input.

    Then how can I connet the other input pin?