• How many AD7984 reference can be driven by AD8031?


    AD7984 is 18bit ADC.

    The web site recommends ADR435 or ADR4450 references and AD8031or AD8655 buffer amps.

    for example, AD8031 can drive 4 AD7984 references?  more?

    At this case, AD7984 keeps 18bit feature?

    and I would like to know what parameter…

  • AD7984 (EVAL-AD7984-PMDZ) SDO signal stuck


    I am trying to talk to EVAL-AD7984-PMDZ from ZedBoard and I am observing unexpected behavior. I am feeding the board with 1 MHz clock with CNV held high for about 30 cycles, but I dont get any readings from SDO pin. It is either high or low all…

  • RE: EVAL_AD7984_PMDZ - probe voltage

    Hi Martin,

         The AD7984 is a true differential ADC where the sampled signal is a voltage difference between IN+ and IN- and the signal on this pins are 180 out of phase and range from -Vref to +Vref (-5V to 5V). The Common mode is typically Vref x 0.5…

  • Datasheet or Schematic for EVAL-AD7984-PMDZ

    Dear Technical Support employee!

    I'm a user of of the EVAL-AD7984-PMDZ Evaluation Board. I have been trying to find datasheet for this model, but there is not any represented documentation for EVAL-AD7984-PMDZ on the analog.com. Could…
  • RE: 签个到,送您好礼啦!(获奖名单已公布)


  • Strange output from AD7984

    Hi, all,

    I'm using an AD7984 to capture the output of a dual slope integrator circuit.  I'm using it in /CS mode, 3-wire, with no busy indicator.  Sampling at 500 KHz. Vref = 3.3V.  SCLK runs at 12 MHz.  It's a 16 channel system, but I'm using 16…

  • BF609_ACM_AD7984


    I have the ACM sample code(BF609_ACM_AD7984) of BF609 EZ-Lite with me, but not clear with it.

    1. The throughout of ADC?

    In AD7984 datasheet , the time between conversions of AD7984 is Tcyc(min)=750ns(fcyc=1.33MSPS).

    In example code , the width…

  • What type of converters can the ADA4807 drive?

    What type of converters can the ADA4807 drive?


    The low broadband noise of 3.1nV/rHz and the low distortion of -139dBc makes
    the ADA4807 an ideal option for driving 16 and 18 bit SAR converters such as
    the AD7980, AD7685/AD7686 and the…
  • RE: Petalinux HDMI can`t found on zed


    If you just want something that works, we also have pre-build images. Those are known to work and can be used as a good starting point if you want to make custom modifcations.

    To specify the reference voltage for the ad7984 please use the DT sn…