• AD7984: Working with true differential input precision SAR ADCs

    Hi, all,

    I'm using an AD7984 to capture the output of a dual slope integrator circuit.  I'm using it in /CS mode, 3-wire, with no busy indicator.  Sampling at 500 KHz. Vref = 3.3V.  SCLK runs at 12 MHz.  It's a 16 channel system, but I'm using 16…

  • AD7984


    I have 1 single analog input only, It is ok to connect IN- to GND?


  • AD7984 Clock


    i have a question regarding the AD7984 Clock:

    Is it possible to connect a continuous 10MHz Clock to the SCK Pin and Control the conversion&acquisition with CNV only when i need data. Or do I have to enable the clock only when i am in acquisition…

  • AD7984

    I am doing the circuit simulation of CN0269, but the official website only provides the ibs model of AD7984. How should I use the ibs model

  • EVAL-AD7984-PMDZ Pulsar Evaluation Software

    I would like to make a change to the Pulsar Evaluation Software executable,

    I am looking for the LabVIEW source code, to allow me to implement my changes and rebuild the Executable?

  • EVAL-AD7984-PMDZ linearity issue.

    Evaluation PMOD board (AD7984) shows abnormally low ENOB, about 3.5 (!) bits.

    Simple test applying DC voltage to input confirmed that ADC has missing bits.

    Picture doesn't change much with different sampling rate.

    Is there any options to "reflash…

  • AD7984 (EVAL-AD7984-PMDZ) SDO signal stuck


    I am trying to talk to EVAL-AD7984-PMDZ from ZedBoard and I am observing unexpected behavior. I am feeding the board with 1 MHz clock with CNV held high for about 30 cycles, but I dont get any readings from SDO pin. It is either high or low all…

  • RE: AD7984 module fails to measure voltage below 2.5 V

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