• AD9783: the function of REFIO

    Hello ,

    I have a question about the function of REFIO of AD7983.

    In the pin descrition tabe, Table 8, REFIO pin is described as "Analog Reference Input/Output (1.2 V Nominal)."

    This description include "Input", but I think that the AD7983…

  • RE: Dose LTM2893 suit AD7983?

    Hello YQ,

      It might be.   If it is, it will operate in a similar manner as the AD4003 – CS\ mode, 3-wire with busy indicator.  (note that the 47k pull-up resistor shown in fig 28 and 32  of the AD7983 data sheet is too large.  It needs to be closer to the…

  • AD7983 REF Pin behavior

    I'm working with an AD7983 and hoping to get more information regarding the internal functionality of the REF pin. The datasheet describes how to use this pin from a top-level perspective, but I'm looking for a more technical description.


  • RE: AD7983 Overvoltage Input

    As I stated, I am limiting the current below the rated 150mA, so I don't think I can damage the part.

    Can't clamp any lower, schottky's are too leaky and would cause large offsets on my readings during normal use.

    Can you tell me how this…

  • EVAL-AD7983-PMDZ unexpected offset


    I driving EVAL-AD7983-PMDZ by Unipolar, Single-Ended sinusoidal signal (Vpp=4V, Voffset=2 so Vmin=0, Vmax=4).

    R2 and R4 were removed from the EVAL-AD7983-PMDZ PCB because they give the additional useless voltage offset:

    I see that samples are…

  • AD7983 input driven by multiplex signals

    I want to drive the AD7983 with a multiplexed signal.  I am having a hard time understanding the best time to switch the multiplexor based on the timing diagram in the datasheet.

    I would like to switch the multiplexor as soon as possible after the rising…

  • RE: Strange output from AD7984

    Hi Ed,

    You cannot use a true differential ADC in this single ended manner without a SE-to-diff amplifier stage. I am assuming you are grounding the negative input (IN-)? The ADC must maintain a strict common mode spec of Vref/2 +/-5% which is specified…

  • RE: AD7683 and Sampling clock

    Hi Chaitanya,

    The AD7683 has a Serial Data Clock Input - DCLOCK. You can vary the sampling frequency by changing the speed of a clock to DCLCOK input Since the conversion result on DOUT pin is synchronized to DCLOCK.


    Note that the AD7683 is compatible…

  • Working with true differential input precision SAR ADCs

    Hi, all,

    I'm using an AD7984 to capture the output of a dual slope integrator circuit.  I'm using it in /CS mode, 3-wire, with no busy indicator.  Sampling at 500 KHz. Vref = 3.3V.  SCLK runs at 12 MHz.  It's a 16 channel system, but I'm using…

  • RE: Removing offset in IA AD8253

    Thanks Scott. ... and don't mind for any delay, you have been quick anyway!

    The acquisition system is equipped with an ARM9 that sets offset correction for each channel by charging a large capacitor that drives a pA high-Z OpAmp. And this can be…