• RE: AD7982_Eval Board  not Correct?

    Thank you, Lloben.

    When I short input of AD7982 evaluation board, I found reading is quite near 131072 (ideal case). My question is: Is AD7982 auto-calibrated with offset already? Should we calibrate for offset as short is not easy to implement when…

  • AD7982 Simulation Tool


    May I check if there is any simulation tool available for AD7982?

    I have tried Visual Analog and Virtual Eval Tool – Beta but both tools do not have AD7982 library.

  • Query AD7982

    Hello Friends,


    I am using three AD7982 on my board and are interfaced with PIC24HJ256GP610A controller. The mode selected is /CS mode 4-Wire withour busy indication (page 19 of Datasheet)


    The SDI line of ADC connected to IO pin of Controller…

  • RE: AD7982 SPI help


    Athought it's not Microchip, try having a look at the software in these projects, they might be able to help point things in the right direction.



  • Any better lower noise than ADC AD7982?

    In our application, we need to measure 10uV signal through ADC AD7982. But we found in this low signal area, measurement error is more than or near 10uV.  We check AD7982 Datasheet and see its typical noise is 40uV RMS. Too high for our application.


  • AD7982采集到的电压是实际电压的一半,频率是信号频率的两倍。


  • Reflow temperature of AD7982

    Good day,

           Can you check the reflow temperature of AD7982, our prototype are all damaged under 220℃ .

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  • What AC performance degradation will you see with AD7982 VDD and VREF set to 2.5V?

    What AC performance degradation will you see with AD7982 VDD and VREF set to 2.5V?

  • RE: AD7982 Conversion problem

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