• Query AD7982

    Hello Friends,


    I am using three AD7982 on my board and are interfaced with PIC24HJ256GP610A controller. The mode selected is /CS mode 4-Wire withour busy indication (page 19 of Datasheet)


    The SDI line of ADC connected to IO pin of Controller…

  • Reflow temperature of AD7982

    Good day,

           Can you check the reflow temperature of AD7982, our prototype are all damaged under 220℃ .

  • AD7982 Simulation Tool


    May I check if there is any simulation tool available for AD7982?

    I have tried Visual Analog and Virtual Eval Tool – Beta but both tools do not have AD7982 library.

  • AD7982 Conversion problem


    there is something strange behaviour of EVAL-7982-PMDZ board. The board is fitter with 18 bit AD7982 chip. The system setup is ZedBoard with EVAL-7982-PMDZ. Waveforms I have recorded with Analog Discovery and Simulink. The system is running hardware…

  • ADA4940-1 and AD7982 connection


    In ADC and driver simulation tool, there is only one option "INVERT" for ADA4940-1 connecting to AD7982. I don't want my ADC reading reverse. Can I cross connection, which means  ADA4940-1 Out+ connecting to AD7982 In-, while ADA4940-1…

  • RE: AD7982 SPI help


    Athought it's not Microchip, try having a look at the software in these projects, they might be able to help point things in the right direction.



  • LX9 board connection AD7982


    Reference your design AD7982.v.Modified to support for multiple multiplexed channel applications.The attachment is a the ad7982 verilog.v file.Produced by a the LX9 board of USER_CLOCK 60 MHZ, available to adc_clk_i.

    +5 V input, reading:

  • AD7982: Driving the reference input

    I am currently designing a circuit that uses a pulSAR ADC, specifically the
    AD7982, and am having difficulties understanding the choice of components
    required for driving the reference pin.

    The data sheet for the device recommends using…
  • AD7982 16kHz sample rate


    According to the AD7982 datasheet, it capable of converting 1,000,000 samples per second (1 MSPS) = 1MHz.
    What are the proper registers settings and SCLK frequency for setting the  the ADC?

    I want to apply a sampling frequency of 16kHz, how to do…

  • AD7982 VREF power sequence?


    We are using AD7982 in ultrasound device for CW signal sample. VREF=5V, VDD=2.5V, VIO=2.5V. three independent power source.

    Is there any power sequence requirement for VREF and VIO/VDD?  In our design, our VREF is powered up before VDD and VIO, not…