• Add 2x daisy chained AD7980 instances [ AD7980 Project ]

    Having modified and flashed the Eclipse AD7980 Eval Board application in Bemicro NIOS II, I now need to add

    2 more AD7980 instances to Quartus II design in a daisy chained configuration.

    Can you share the steps necessary to 2x "instances" of the same…

  • AD7980

    I have a question regarding running the AD7980 at high speed (> 500Ksps updates ).  The question is related to what happens when a transient (high passed pulse) that exceeds Vref for the ADC is presented to the input of the ADC for a short period of…

  • AD7980 input protection

    I need support about the ad7980-ep ADC, when I read the technical datasheet, I
    have two values about the absolute input voltage.

    On page 3, there is this value Vref + 0.1V

    But on page 6, there is the absolute maximum rating table, here…
  • AD7980 Vdd Question

    If the AD7980 is run with a Vref of 4.5V, is it OK to run Vdd at 2.25V (Vdd should be ~1/2 of Vref, as suggested in the datasheet). Is there any significant performance loss if it is run with Vdd at 2.5V?

  • AD7980的地?


  • AD7980连接?


  • AD7980 verilog

    Received over e-mail:

        Rencently,I use the AD convert chip AD7980, and I write the driver code of the chip in the mode of 3-wire by Verilog HDL, when I acquire the DC voltage, the precision is quite well. However, when I acquire a AC voltage, the output…

  • AD7980 noise


    I am using the AD7980 with a 2.5V reference to capture data from a sensor. The sensor signal goes through some op amps then into the ADC. If I ground the input to the analog circuit that feeds the ADC, and then acquire 512 samples of data, I get values…

  • AD7980连接?


  • Flash Programmer Problem [ AD7980 Project ]

    I can run the modified Eclipse APP for AD7980 using Run Configurations, and verify it using ucProbe. The Bemicro verifies the new code by lighting an extra LED. The Eclipse console says:

          Verified OK                 

          Starting processor at address 0x00010184

    I can…