• AD7980

    I have a question regarding running the AD7980 at high speed (> 500Ksps updates ).  The question is related to what happens when a transient (high passed pulse) that exceeds Vref for the ADC is presented to the input of the ADC for a short period of…

  • RE: Add 2x daisy chained AD7980 instances [ AD7980 Project ]


    If the two AD7980s are in a daisy chain configuration then the SDO of ADC1 is connected to the SDI of ADC2 and the data from both ADCs is read by the FPGA through the SDO of ADC2 (see Fig. 39 from the AD7980 datasheet). This means that it is not…

  • RE: Negative and positive voltages with LTC1403


    After some revision I decided that I need bigger ADC. I choose AD7980 or (eventaully) AD7915. A think I can drive AD7915 with ada4945 but what about AD7980? Only chance is to shift level to drive AD7980? You propose me before LTC2328 but it to expensive…

  • AD7980 input protection

    I need support about the ad7980-ep ADC, when I read the technical datasheet, I
    have two values about the absolute input voltage.

    On page 3, there is this value Vref + 0.1V

    But on page 6, there is the absolute maximum rating table, here…
  • AD7980 noise


    I am using the AD7980 with a 2.5V reference to capture data from a sensor. The sensor signal goes through some op amps then into the ADC. If I ground the input to the analog circuit that feeds the ADC, and then acquire 512 samples of data, I get values…

  • AD7980 to BASYS 3 FPGA connection

    I am trying to connect EVAL-AD7980-PMDZ to BASYS 3 FPGA using SPI. 

    I have a few questions on the connection and interfacing between them.

    1.Will the EVAL-AD7980-PMDZ work with 3.3Volts(connected to Pin 6 VCC of Ad7980) from basys 3?(Not using the precision…

  • SDP-B not showing up in Device Manager

    I have a relatively new computer, and have the AD7980 eval software installed.  It's the only SDP-related eval software I have installed on this computer.

    I had initially installed, and everything worked fine.

    Since the initial install, I was having…

  • 关于多个ADC共用一个参考源的问题

    你好,受空间局限,使用AD7980时,4路AD7980共用一片TI公司REF3240(4.096V高温电压参考源),请问这样设计会存在什么问题? 关于AD7980参考电源的Load Current只给出了典型值330uA,关于这个值在设计时应怎么考虑? 这个值受温度的影响有多大?在使用AD7980是在超温度范围使用(150度,175度短时间工作)。谢谢!