• AD7980 input protection

    I need support about the ad7980-ep ADC, when I read the technical datasheet, I
    have two values about the absolute input voltage.

    On page 3, there is this value Vref + 0.1V

    But on page 6, there is the absolute maximum rating table, here the value…

  • Eval AD7980 interface with Spartan 3E FPGA using SPI

    Hi all, 

    I want to interface Spartan 3E FPGA board with AD7980 Eval board over SPI and I want the data read out to be from UART. So far my hardware connections are from Pmod connections and they are all fine. Does anyone have the VHDL code for the above…

  • AD7980读取数值和范围的问题


    • VDD:2.5V,
    • REF:3.0V,
    • SDI=VIO:3.3V,


    • 当接入IN+为恒定3.0V或者更高,读取的数值为57343,为什么不是2^16=65536呢?
    • 当接入IN+为0.49V或更低,读取的数值为0,这是最低的测量范围吗?

     使用的ESP32 Arduino开发环境,一下为测试代码:

    int _res;
    byte _highByte;
    byte _lowByte;
    // 将 CNV 高电平,转换开始

  • AD7980 VIO and VDD can be tied together?

    I use VIO of 3.3V. VDD is stated everywhere on the datasheet as 2.5V with 5% tolerance. Then on page 18 it says they can be tied together. Does driving VDD with 3.3V affect performance?

    Thanks for clarifying,


  • AD7980 Ref Input Driven by AD780

    Hi Team,

    I am planning to use AD7980 with AD780. Do I need to use a buffer between AD7980's ref input and AD780's output? From the datasheet of AD780, it looks like it already has a built-in buffer.


  • AD7980 to BASYS 3 FPGA connection

    I am trying to connect EVAL-AD7980-PMDZ to BASYS 3 FPGA using SPI. 

    I have a few questions on the connection and interfacing between them.

    1.Will the EVAL-AD7980-PMDZ work with 3.3Volts(connected to Pin 6 VCC of Ad7980) from basys 3?(Not using the precision…

  • RE: AD7980 Vdd Question

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  • AD7980 verilog

    Received over e-mail:

        Rencently,I use the AD convert chip AD7980, and I write the driver code of the chip in the mode of 3-wire by Verilog HDL, when I acquire the DC voltage, the precision is quite well. However, when I acquire a AC voltage, the output…

  • RE: AD7980的VDD和REF引脚

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