• AD797: FAQs

    Do you have the ESD levels for the AD797?


    Here are the  ESD results for AD797:
    Passing level for HBM is 1.5kV and FICDM is 1.25kV

  • Ad797: PSRR definition

    I would like to know if the power supply rejection ratio (PSRR) of the AD797
    depends on the gain of the amplifier. Assuming a power supply with 100mVrms of
    100Hz ripple and the circuit of the figure 44b with a non inverting gain of
    1000. According…

  • AD797 active filter

    Hi all,

    I designed an active low-pass filter by using AD797 and analog filter wizard as http://www.analog.com/designtools/en/filterwizard/Share?id=1865 . I expected that this filter will suppress the harmonic signal from a function generator. Normally…

  • AD797: Offset Null configuration

    What range of potentiometer values do you recommend for the Offset Null
    Configuration? The data sheet (Page 14) shows a schematic with a 20kohm used;
    but there are no further notes?


    We recommend the 20k pot. The pot is used to balance the collector…

  • LTSpice and AD797


    I want to simulate the AD797 component on LTSpice.

    I have download the Spice model on Analog Device website, but it's a LTspice Netlist file (ad797.cir). How can I import it under LTspice? When I open it with LTspice, it's a text document.…

  • ad797 power dissipation


    The AD797 uses up to 10.6mA.

    When supplying with +-15V this makes about 55C deg in a SOIC package. We want to keep the thermal drift as low as possible in a new design. What can be done to reduce the self-heating?


  • AD797: Maximum junction temperature Tj

    I can’t find the maximum junction temerature of AD797 in its datasheet. What is
    the value?


    The max junction temperature is 150°C, same as other parts on the same process.

    By the way, the AD797 came out in 1992 and is on a very old process…

  • AD797 supply voltage limits

    I'm looking for a low noise opamp that can operate with a negative supply rail of 0 and a positive supply rail of 20V.  The AD797 specifies absolute maximum limits of +/- 18V.   Will I be safe to use the AD797 with my 20V range as described?

  • AD797 as splitter buffer

    Hello friends,

    I want to buffer/split a very clear 10 MHz sine wave signal from a source into four ways. Searching for a high quality oa, appears AD797 to be my sollution but I need a second opinion and few design tips. Source has following specifications…

  • Encrypted SPICE AD797 and AD734

    Original Question: Encrypted SPICE AD797 and AD734 by dhhsieh

    Can someone please give me encrypted ADIsimPE files for the AD797 low noise op amp and the AD734 analog multiplier?

    I have hit the 'too many nodes' limit. 


    Daniel H.