• AD797 ESD data HBM

    Do you have the ESD levels for the AD797?


    Here are the  ESD results for AD797:
    Passing level for HBM is 1.5kV and FICDM is 1.25kV
  • RE: Is there an opamp from ADI that is better than -120db distortion?

    hi Anna,

    Thanks a lot for your input!  

    I tried AD797 and ADA4627,  tough luck.

    Maybe I should build my own gain block based on AD797.



  • AD797: Maximum junction temperature Tj

    I can’t find the maximum junction temerature of AD797 in its datasheet. What is
    the value?


    The max junction temperature is 150°C, same as other parts on the same process.

    By the way, the AD797 came out in 1992 and is on a very old…
  • LTSpice and AD797


    I want to simulate the AD797 component on LTSpice.

    I have download the Spice model on Analog Device website, but it's a LTspice Netlist file (ad797.cir). How can I import it under LTspice? When I open it with LTspice, it's a text document.…

  • AD797 and dual differential filter topology


    I am using the AD797 in the attached filter which located at the output of a DAC running in differential mode. Measuring the output of the filter with oscilloscope does not indicate any oscillations however the AD797 runs very hot, to a point that…

  • RE: AD8676 Current limiting resistor


    I found that AD797 and AD8622 mention the current limit for protecting differential input voltage.

    For AD797, it says that external resister is necessary.

    On the other hand AD8622 has internal resister(500ohm).

    Does AD8676 has inside protection…

  • AD797 supply voltage limits

    I'm looking for a low noise opamp that can operate with a negative supply rail of 0 and a positive supply rail of 20V.  The AD797 specifies absolute maximum limits of +/- 18V.   Will I be safe to use the AD797 with my 20V range as described?

  • Encrypted SPICE AD797 and AD734

    Original Question: Encrypted SPICE AD797 and AD734 by dhhsieh

    Can someone please give me encrypted ADIsimPE files for the AD797 low noise op amp and the AD734 analog multiplier?

    I have hit the 'too many nodes' limit. 


    Daniel H.