• Ad797: PSRR definition

    I would like to know if the power supply rejection ratio (PSRR) of the AD797
    depends on the gain of the amplifier. Assuming a power supply with 100mVrms of
    100Hz ripple and the circuit of the figure 44b with a non inverting gain of
    1000. According…

  • AD797: Offset Null configuration

    What range of potentiometer values do you recommend for the Offset Null
    Configuration? The data sheet (Page 14) shows a schematic with a 20kohm used;
    but there are no further notes?


    We recommend the 20k pot. The pot is used to balance the collector…

  • AD797: Maximum junction temperature Tj

    I can’t find the maximum junction temerature of AD797 in its datasheet. What is
    the value?


    The max junction temperature is 150°C, same as other parts on the same process.

    By the way, the AD797 came out in 1992 and is on a very old process…

  • AD797 Offset Nulling with zero-drift op-amp

    Hi Analog Engineers,

    I see in the LT1028 datasheet (as well as in AN-21) that one can use a zero-drift amplifier to offset trim an amplifier.  It is stated that this lowers the offset drift: from uV/C to nV/C (which is pretty amazing).  I am guessing that…

  • AD797 - noise level and resistor


    I designed an single-end audio Tx circuit with AD797 & AD1995, which refers to AD1955 EVB circuit p.11. And I'm try to reduce the noise level by use low value resistor to has lower Johnson noise.

    This method works in certain range, please see below…

  • Do you have the ESD levels for the AD797?

    Do you have the ESD levels for the AD797?


    Here are the  ESD results for AD797:
    Passing level for HBM is 1.5kV and FICDM is 1.25kV


  • What does it mean "KELVIN RETURN" in the AD797 datasheet?

    In the AD797 datasheet, in page 13 of 19, there is the bypassing considerations to take full advantage.

    I found "KELVIN RETURN" on figure 36 but I haven't understand.

    What does this word mean? What should I connect the pattern on PCB?

  • 谈谈运放与音乐韵味AD827、AD712、AD797三款运放的比较

    谈谈运放与音乐韵味AD827、AD712、AD797三款运放的比较 by szddk@sina.cn



  • Encrypted SPICE AD797 and AD734

    Original Question: Encrypted SPICE AD797 and AD734 by dhhsieh

    Can someone please give me encrypted ADIsimPE files for the AD797 low noise op amp and the AD734 analog multiplier?

    I have hit the 'too many nodes' limit. 


    Daniel H.