The clk should be sent after 200ns? I will try.

  • AD7961 CODE

    module ad_ok3(
            input           clk,                    // 100 MHz Clock, used for tiing
            //input           clk,                 // (Maximum 300 MHz Clock, used for serial transfer)  100MHz
            input           rst_n,             …

  • AD7961

    I'm confused ...

    The manual states:
    The CNV± pulse must be returned low (≤tCNVH maximum) for valid operation.

    I understand that I have to create a pulse that should be at least 10 nsec and shouldn't be longer than 120 nsec.

    After a conversion…

  • AD7961 - power supply sequence

    Q: Is there a power-up sequence that I should follow in operating the AD7961?

    A: When powering up the AD7961 device, first apply 1.8 V (VDD2, VIO) to the device, then ramp 5 V (VDD1) and apply an external reference voltage. Apply the analog inputs…

  • What is AD7961?

    What is AD7961?


    The AD7961 16-bit, 5-MSPS PulSARRegistered differential ADC, uses a capacitive
    digital-to-analog converter (CAPDAC) based successive-approximation register
    (SAR) architecture to provide the unprecedented speed, noise and linearity…
  • AD7961 input structure


    As you know, based from the datasheet of AD7961,the input type is differential. can it be used as single-end input? It means that the IN- connect to GND,only the IN+ used as the input terminal.

    Is it Ok?


  • AD7961 Reference help



    I have been working on using the AD7961 A/D on the Zedboard (Using Zynq Chip) and have come across some errors I cannot figure out.


    I am using the reference design from analog's wiki page


  • AD7961 DC setup

    Dear experts,

    I am using the eval board ad7961, using the opamps, with Zedboard. Considering the scenarios below I can only get results which make sense in the A.2. I attached the results. The amplitude is 0 to 65535 (2-complement considered). The En…

  • GND layout of AD7961

    Please teach me GND layout of AD7961.

    AD7961 has 3REF_GND(Pin No.26,27,28) , 2GND(Pin No.13,24) and EP(Pin No.33)

    Which pin is digital GND?

    Which pin is analog GND?

    What's are connected internally?

    Does it be better characteristic to connect…

  • AD7961 Reference Design Gated Clock

    I recently downloaded the AD7961 reference design from the Analog WIKI (AD7961 Native FMC Card & Xilinx Reference Design [Analog Devices Wiki]) using the Echoed Clock variant.

    Diving into the Verilog code provided for the AD7961, I see the design…