• AD7960 的LVDS输入接口是否具有内部偏置


  • AD7960/7961 Evaluation Software能否实时显示转换的模拟量?

    想问问有没有人知道AD7960评估板配套软件AD7960/7961 Evaluation Software能否实时读取显示转换的模拟量?

  • 请教!AD7960这个ADC的差分输入;运放单端转差分

    如题,我想把一个单端信号转成差分信号 再供给AD7960采样。 但是AD官网上的手册没有对应推荐的 单端转差分的运放,不知道选啥好? 小弟烦请各位指教下。。

  • Recommended LVDS Fanout Buffer to driver CLK± and CNV± in Multi channel AD7960/AD7961 in Self-Clocked Mode?

    Dose Analog Devices has any component recommendation for the  multi-channel LVDS Fanout Buffer? 

    Is IDT8P34S1208I a proper component for CLK± and CNV± as LVDS Fanout Buffer?

    In case of using LVDS Fanout Buffer such as IDT8P34S1208I  for CLK± and…

  • 急!EVAL-AD7960FMCZ评估版中的ADA4932  VS-为什么是-2.5V?



  • RE: Software Simulation for AD7575


       Currently we do not have simulation models for the AD7575 but I can refer you to AD7960 LTSpice that you might be interested. Kindly refer to the link.


  • EVAL-AD7960FMCZ: in is possible to easily synchronise two of these ?

    I'm about to design data acquisition system using 2 x AD7960 synchronised together. Is there any way to easily connect the two eval boards EVAL-AD7960FMCZ so they synchronise acquisitions with each other so that I can evaluate the performance of my proposed…

  • RE: 签个到,送您好礼啦!(获奖名单已公布)


  • RE: ADA4932-1 minimum gain

    Thank you, Goz. 

    The ADA4932 is driving the 5 MSPS AD7960/1 (connected by cables). The plan is to run the input sampling bandwidth of the AD7960/1 at 9 MHz. From the datasheet: "The bandwidth of the input sampling network is set to narrow (9 MHz)."…