• AD7960 Test Pattern

    Page 17 of data sheet rev c
    set the enables to 0100X, to get test pattern out of the adc serial  link.
    Great, can include that in the self test code fo the unit to prove the adc 
    interface is working and meeting timing,
    what is the pattern…

  • AD7960 LVDS test pattern

    Could you forward me LVDS test patterns for AD7960 ADC, I cannot find them in
    the data sheet.


    The AD7960 generates an 18-bit pseudo random test pattern based on the
    polynomial series - . To generate this pattern, you need to power-up the AD7960…

  • AD7960: Target markets/applications for this product

    What are the target markets/applications for this product?


    The AD7961 offers unprecedented speed, noise, and high accuracy and it is
    designed for low-power signal chains, multiplexed systems such as digital
    X-ray, and oversampling applications…

  • RE: Labview drivers for AD7606 with SDP-CB1Z and AD7960 with SDP-H1


    Unfortunately we do not provide source code for our Evaluation Software. For prototyping we recommend to use our available software drivers below. 

    AD7606 - No-OS Driver [Analog Devices Wiki]  


  • AD7960 analog inputs current

    Data sheet, on absolute maximum ratings table, states maximum input current to any pin except supplies is 10mA. However, on page 15 on the section on analog inputs, it says the protection diodes at each input can handle 130mA if the voltage inputs exceed…

  • AD7960 −3 dB Input Bandwidth

    I wonder if the AD7960 3 dB input bandwidth is 28MHZ? It means that the analog input signal of 28MHZ can be collected. I would like to know the approximate SNR and SFDR of the ADC when the signal of 28MHZ is collected.

  • Recommended LVDS Fanout Buffer to driver CLK± and CNV± in Multi channel AD7960/AD7961 in Self-Clocked Mode?

    Dose Analog Devices has any component recommendation for the  multi-channel LVDS Fanout Buffer? 

    Is IDT8P34S1208I a proper component for CLK± and CNV± as LVDS Fanout Buffer?

    In case of using LVDS Fanout Buffer such as IDT8P34S1208I  for CLK± and…

  • RE: AD7960 timing parameters

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  • RE: code of the test pattern of   AD7960?

     I also need to know the "test patterns" . Could you please let me know it.
    Thank you