• AD7960 Test Pattern

    Page 17 of data sheet rev c
    set the enables to 0100X, to get test pattern out of the adc serial  link.
    Great, can include that in the self test code fo the unit to prove the adc 
    interface is working and meeting timing,
  • AD7960 misbehaves

    I am trying to control the AD7960 evaluation board using an FPGA. The output data seems wrong as can be seen in this screenshot (CH1 is CNV+, CH2 is D+, CH3 is DCO+):

    The lower bits are noisy, but this is not my main concern at the moment. What is…

  • AD7960 LVDS test pattern

    Could you forward me LVDS test patterns for AD7960 ADC, I cannot find them in
    the data sheet.


    The AD7960 generates an 18-bit pseudo random test pattern based on the
    polynomial series - . To generate this pattern, you need to power-up…
  • AD7960 timing parameters

    In table3 of AD7960 datasheet, there are two timing parameters tMSB and tCLKL. But there is no any information to explain how to slelect correct values for them. Should the maxiam values be OK? Or should some other rules must follow?


  • RE: AD7960 incorrect data values

    Like I said to you in the previous post, the AD7960 differential inputs must swing equally and in opposite phase around VREF/2 (See figure 32), otherwise performance will deviate from the expectation.

    Also you can refer to the AD7960 reference design…

  • AD7960 analog inputs current

    Data sheet, on absolute maximum ratings table, states maximum input current to any pin except supplies is 10mA. However, on page 15 on the section on analog inputs, it says the protection diodes at each input can handle 130mA if the voltage inputs exceed…

  • AD7960 −3 dB Input Bandwidth

    I wonder if the AD7960 3 dB input bandwidth is 28MHZ? It means that the analog input signal of 28MHZ can be collected. I would like to know the approximate SNR and SFDR of the ADC when the signal of 28MHZ is collected.

  • AD7960 with MicroZed via FMC board

    I'd like to hookup a >1MSPS adc with the MicroZed board. The wiki link:AD7960 Native FMC Card & Xilinx Reference Design [Analog Devices Wiki] shows the design with the KC705, but I was wondering if it'd be possible to use it with the Zync 7000…

  • What input resistance for AD7960?

    I would like to know what would be the maximum recommended resistances to place between an FDA and AD7960 inputs (R3 and R6 on the figure below). I would like to reduce the capacitor value to reduce power consumption of the LTC6363 and increase the resistances…

  • AD7960 Acquisition Problem.  Missing Codes

    Hello Community,

    I am trying to evaluate the AD7960. We have designed a dedicated board for testing the device on the ATE system. We have to extract all static and dynamic parameters. The stimulis are a sinus or a ramp generating by AWG 24bits.