• Transimpedance amplifier with AD795, Guard Ring

    I am building a transimpedance amplifier (TIA) to convert current into voltage. The current I'm working with is in the order of pico-amps, so my TIA has to be very precise. Below is a simplified schematic. D1 and D2 are for protection while Io is the…

  • RE: AD795 open loop fq responce

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  • AD795 spice model question

    I am trying to verify the open loop gain for this op amp using the spice model provided on your website

    for some reason I can not get the same gain below 1kHZ

    below is my simulation file (very simple)

    any comments will be appreciated

    Fausto Bart…

  • RE: LTspice stepping build-In Opamp models

    Hello JGillis,

    Have you tried your suggested solution? 

    I just tried it and it failed.

    Please upload an example.


    My settings:

    .model 712 ako AD712
    .model 795 ako AD795
    .lib ADI1.lib
    .step param ADX list 712 795


  • RE: Reducing noise in a simple current measurement

    Thank you, Kirill. I will try the AD795 op amp, and use a metal foil feedback resistor. I am doing bandwidth limitation, but I still need to get the noise lower.

  • LTSPice simulation problem

    The folowing ascii dump of a simple amplifier. Works under the december 2019 version of ltspice but not under the latest update (oct 2020).

    I interchanged the lib and symbol file but result is still the same.

    AD795.asc dump below

  • RE: LTSpice and AD797

    Hi helmuts,

    I had a problem with your file, but doesn't matter, I've used a AD795 for the simulation and it was worked.

    Just a quick question to finish, do you know if there is an equivalent component from Analog Device for the amplifier INA111…

  • AD795KN接收红外光,怎么会有这个波


  • RE: LTSpice仿真的FFT频谱中的背景噪音哪里来的?

    这些主要源于电路的噪声,其中包括 电阻的热噪声,运放输入端的噪声,以及电流噪声乘以电阻所产生噪声电压。具体参考附件《MT-047运放噪声》的讲解 PDF

  • RE: ADL5534 for crystal oscillator?

    Hi Jim,


    Thanks for the reply. My project is directed to the development of a device

    for the application of electron spin resonance (ESR) to the modification of

    chemical reactions through the microwave induced magnetic isotope effect

    (MIMIE). I…