• Eval uMUX CSP AD7949


    I have got an evaluation board Eval uMUX CSP AD7949, and I want to enable sequencer in provided SW uMUX-CEDV1.0. I don't know how to do it because drop-down box is grayed. Is it possible to do it in eval SW?

    Thanks for your help.


  • AD7949 Internal Reference Error

    We are using multiple AD7949 devices on one of our boards.  The devices are set to use internal reference of 4.096V.  Packs have been in the field and functional for some time and we are now seeing RMAs that are being traced to the ADC.  Of the 4 devices…

  • AD7949 Eval hardware setup

    Hi team,

    i tried to read the AD7949 values visa SPI protocol but i am not getting proper data ,

    please find the hardware configuration

    SL No Description Voltage in V
    1 VDDR 5
    2 VDD 5
    3 VIO 3.3
    4 REF 4
    5 REFIN 2.1
    6 COM 0
    7 REG Config
  • AD7949 VREF settling time

    I would like to know settling time of VREF and various.

    Turn-on Settling time say 5msec @CFER=10uF

    But REF OUTPUT current is about 300uA.
    If VREF setting is 4.096, then
    4.096 X 10u /300uA=136mSec

    Is it correct understanding?

    What "Turn-on settling…

  • AD7949 CFG and Ref Out


    I need help about AD7949 adc. I send CFG register the value AdcCFG = 0x3FC4: 

    * Overwrite contents of register

    * Unipolar, INx referenced to GND

    * IN7, full BW

    * Internal reference, REF = 2.5 V output, temperature enabled

    * Scan IN0 to IN[7…

  • AD7689 and AD7949 disable internal clock

    I'm wondering if the internal clocks in these devices are active only for the
    conversion or if it is possible to disable them using one of the operating


    There is no internal clock for AD7689 and AD7949. You have to provide…
  • AD7949 and 8-bit word length SPI

    Hello! I am developing a software for microcontroller for this adc. And I have some misunderstanding. The AD7949 have 14-bit register CFG[13:0] for configuring, but I have 8 bit word length SPI in my MCU. Can I configure it by writing 16 bit with CFG…

  • AD7949 (and others) Read back the CFG register?

    CFG register contains RB bits. How to use it? How to read the configuration?

  • AD7949: Looking for a way to measure Current/Voltage




    For a project, we need to have 8 Analog inputs.


    These inputs must have the following characteristics: 


    - In Voltage mode: measure an input voltage from 0 to 10V. Have an input impedance > 300Kohms. 


    - In Current mode: measure…

  • AD7949 ADC SPI Bus Issue - Multiple Devices on Single Bus

    Good morning all,

    First post on these forums... Hoping somebody can help!

    I've come across a bit of an issue using the Analog Devices AD7949 14-bit SAR ADC. I am interfacing with the device using SPI; however, it has just dawned upon me reading more…