• RE: AD7949 and 8-bit word length SPI

    thank you for your respnose! But there some difference in timing diagrams between AD7949 and AD7682.

    Here timing for AD7682:

    Here timing for AD7949:

    I don't understand: Can I write to AD7949 the same way as in AD7682?

  • AD7949

    Hi Team, 

    Need one confirmation for AD7949, is the exposed pad MUST be soldered? Customer would like to skip this soldering during prototype, is it ok?


    Refer to page 9

    21 (EPAD) Exposed Pad (EPAD) NC The exposed pad is not connected internally. For increased…

  • AD7949

    Hi ,

    I have a question here. I am currently using the AD7949 adc chip and interfacing with my FPGA. I would like to know what is the Rise time and Fall time for this AD7949 chip. I am unable to find it on the data sheet.

  • RE: 请推荐几款A/D芯片


  • RE: LTC1867 Technical Support

    Hi John,

    The AD8237 will have the same problem driving the AD7949 that it would driving the LTC1867. AD7949 will also produce glitches at the analog input that the AD8237 will be very slow to recover from.

    Your schematic doesn't make sense to me. You…

  • AD7949 Datasheet

    The AD7949 datasheet shows several SPI timing diagrams labeled as RDC, RAC, RSC.  Can anybody tell me what these abbreviations mean?  Thanks - George

  • RE: AD7949 CFG and Ref Out

    Question3 resolved from previous issues... V_temp = (Adc Value * V_ref) / (16384) for 14 bit AD7949.

  • RE: AD7949 ADC SPI Bus Issue - Multiple Devices on Single Bus

    Hi adventg,

              The AD7949 is SPI compatible device. Although the AD7949 does not use the conventional CS pin which is most of the time driven by a logic low digital signal to initiate a conversion. The AD7949 uses rising edge of  CNV to initiate conversion…

  • AD7949 Data sheet

    Greetings all.

    Page 22 of the data sheet (Rev F) states: "However, due to the possibility of performance degradation, digital activity should occur only prior to the safe data reading/ writing time, tDATA, because the AD7949 provides error correction…

  • RE: AD7949 temperature measurement

    I would like to try to make a temperature measurement on the AD7949 when configured with external REF.  I have configured the following -

    CFG register bits

    INCC = Temperature sensor. [12:10] = ‘011’.

    REF = External reference, temperature enabled…