• AD7949 input configurations

    In the datasheet page 19 (input configurations) we see in figure 29-A the
    single ended inputs are reference to ground and COM pin is NC. In our board we
    connected the COM pin to ground but configured the DC to single ended. Is it

  • AD7689 and AD7949 disable internal clock

    I'm wondering if the internal clocks in these devices are active only for the
    conversion or if it is possible to disable them using one of the operating


    There is no internal clock for AD7689 and AD7949. You have to provide an

  • AD7949 temperature drift

    Hi team,

    we are using external ADC AD7949 for one of our project

    we need technical support regarding External ADC AD7949 temperature drift Find the below query and provide your inputs at the earliest.

    • How to derive the temperature compensation equation…
  • AD7949 occasional invalid samples


    I am working on a system that uses 5 AD7949s connected to a single SPI bus, clock running at 16MHz. When reading the ADCs, we are using the RAC (read after conversion) method to return samples.

    Our sample rate is very low; only 50Hz. The clock was…

  • AD7949

    Hi Team, 

    Need one confirmation for AD7949, is the exposed pad MUST be soldered? Customer would like to skip this soldering during prototype, is it ok?


    Refer to page 9

    21 (EPAD) Exposed Pad (EPAD) NC The exposed pad is not connected internally. For increased…

  • AD7949 Eval hardware setup

    Hi team,

    i tried to read the AD7949 values visa SPI protocol but i am not getting proper data ,

    please find the hardware configuration

    SL No Description Voltage in V
    1 VDDR 5
    2 VDD 5
    3 VIO 3.3
    4 REF 4
    5 REFIN 2.1
    6 COM 0
    7 REG Config
  • AD7949 Data sheet

    Greetings all.

    Page 22 of the data sheet (Rev F) states: "However, due to the possibility of performance degradation, digital activity should occur only prior to the safe data reading/ writing time, tDATA, because the AD7949 provides error correction…

  • RE: AD7949 Datasheet

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