• how to buy ad7944 evaluation board and please clarify the usage of it

    how to buy ad7944 evaluation board and please clarify the usage of it

  • Daisy-chain AD7944 and AD7942

    Hi Forum,

    is it possible to daisy-chain two different members of the AD794* ADC family?

    I would like to use an AD7944 and an AD7942 and daisy-chain both devices to a single SPI bus, similar to Figure 36 in the AD7944 datasheet: AD7944.pdf

    And if this…

  • RE: AD7944 only toggles 4 bit at output

    This question has been assumed as answered either offline via email or with a multi-part answer. This question has now been closed out. If you have an inquiry related to this topic please post a new question in the applicable product forum.

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  • RE: ADC selection for single-ended source

    Hi Usaghi,

         There is an ADI that I also wanted to suggest the 14-bit AD7944 and AD7357

    The AD7944 is pseudo differential analog input voltage range from 0V to Vref, Vref upto 5V while the AD7357 is a dual 14-bit differential ADC, which allows simultaneous…

  • Interfacing the BF-592 to SRAM or DRAM via PPI

    Would it be possible to interface the BF592 to an SRAM via PPI to serve as a frame buffer.  The system description consistes of:  Analog sensor -> AD7944 A/D (2 MSPS @14 bit) -> processor via SPI.  The goal is to capture 2 MBytes of data from the sensor…

  • RE: Queries on CN-0105: drive ckt for AD7626

    Hi Rajesh,

    I co-wrote the CN-0105, I'd like to make a few additional comments here. As for the ADA4899 vs.ADA4932, as Neil mentioned the ADA4932 provides better high frequency performance. The ADA4899 does offer better distortion performance at lower…

  • RE: ADC used for single-pulse conversion

    Hi Postino,

    Here are some list of ADC that could be suitable for your application. You may also wanted to check the ADI website and do a parametric search and put in parameters on the ADC that you wanted to search. Please refer to the link below.

  • RE: Measurement of pulse amplitude - suggestion for ADC

    Hi Henning,

         We have some I2C ADC interface that may fit your application, you may check the AD799x. Just like to ask on when are going to use the trigger feature, is it when the pulse amplitude hit some kind of limit or outside the range? I am also…