• FIT and activation energy for AD7942

    I am in need of FIT and activation energy for 14-bit ADC : AD7942. I can't find
    it on your website. 


    The FIT data is the same for AD7946 which is on our quality website under Wafer
    Fabrication Data:

  • Spice models for AD9286 & AD7942


    I am using AD9286 and AD7942 ADC in my design. I would like to simulate using LTSPICE. Can someone please let me know where can I get the SPICE models for these two ADCs.

    Thanks in Advance.

  • AD7942 signed output

    Hi Team,

    We are using EVAL-AD7942-PMDZ in our system.

    We are giving 50Hz phase signal as a input to the ADC and we have phase calculation to be done in the FPGA.

    For this requirement we need to have signed digital data to be output from the ADC. So we…

  • AD7942-SCK Clock specification

    Hello Team,

    We are planning to use AD7942 in our system which will be integrated with ZYNQ-Ultrascale+ MPSoC.
    We have some queries regarding the specification of the SCK clock to be given to this ADC.
    Our FPGA clock will be running at 125MHz and our plan…

  • AD7942 reference design and example script


    We are planning to use AD7942 in our system which will be integrated with ZYNQ-Ultrascale+ MPSoC.

    So we just wanted to understand how this can be integrated.

    So I kindly request you to provide reference design and example script for our reference…

  • Daisy-chain AD7944 and AD7942

    Hi Forum,

    is it possible to daisy-chain two different members of the AD794* ADC family?

    I would like to use an AD7944 and an AD7942 and daisy-chain both devices to a single SPI bus, similar to Figure 36 in the AD7944 datasheet: AD7944.pdf

    And if this…

  • RE: Design analysis of ADA4841-1

    Hi Shifali,

    Can you clarify why the title of this post references the ADA4841-1 but the body references the ADA4937?

    The ADA4937 is not a suitable product pairing with the AD7942. The ADA4937 has a differential output while the AD7942 has a single-ended…

  • VCM voltage connected to IN+ of ADA4841


    I am using ADA4841 amplifier and AD7942 ADC  in my project. I was referring to the EVAL-AD7942-PMDZ evaluation kit. I would like to know why input common mode voltage is connected to IN+ pin of ADA4841 with capacitor and resisitor. Can someone please…

  • RE: 有奖“示爱”行动——谈谈那些让你爱爱爱爱不完的电路

    我是做模拟IC的,之前做了一款多通道的14bit ADC,然后需要做一个裸片测试版,于是用这些元器件搭了一个:

    真16位 DAC AD5541,做模拟测试输入,可以产生正弦波,测DNL INL,非常好用;

    16位多通道 DAC AD5668,可以提供各种偏压;

    14位 ADC AD7942,采基准电压,输出一点都不跳变,说明输入和转换都是极低的噪声;

    基准 ADR421和ADR435,低噪声,还有驱动能力,加电阻分压还可以得到其他电平的基准,非常好用也。