• Interfacing to AD7927

    I interfaced a Blackfin to the AD7927, the AD7927 says it is SPI compatible which is good as I only had a SPI port left to use but the timing in the AD7927 datasheet (fig 26 on page 22, it appears to sample DIN and change DOUT on falling edge) appears…

  • AD7927: Vdrive voltage

    In page 3 of the datasheet, the specification indicates that the analog input
    can be 0~2*REFin. The condition is AVDD/VDRIVE=4.75~5.25V. It requires both
    AVDD and VDRIVE to be 5V. However, in the datasheet, it says the Vdrive can be
  • AD7927 VDRIVE-restriction

    What’s the secret about the restriction in the abs. max. ratings of AD7927: “VDRIVE to AGND must be −0.3V to AVDD + 0.3V” and what happens if you don’t take care, e.g. if VDRIVE is powered up before AVDD? Could this damage the ADC?

  • Question about AD7927

    Hi there.

    I have a question about AD7927.

    According to the datasheet,  the reference input pin should be 2.5V.

    (Please look at the attached file)

    Are there any concerns if  3.3V voltage is applied to the  refrence input?

    Actually my sensor system is…

  • ad7927 conversion rate

    The datasheet specifies a maximum conversion rate of 200 kHz (5 µs) for the ad7927 converter although the conversion time is as low as 800 ns with a serial clock of 20 MHz.

    What happens if the converter is operated with a faster conversion rate?  Will…

  • AD7927 Control Register default


    What is the default setting for the control register (described on p. 12 of the data sheet)? Specifically what is the default of the range bit? I don't believe it is defined in the data sheet.

    Thank you,


  • Read all channels from AD7927

    Hi friends.

    I try AD7927 and read from 1 channel is OK.

    But ho to read all channel without stop communication?

    How to set SEQ and SHADOW? And what I must send to device?

    For example:

    Register value is: 0xC3B

    I send this value to device.


  • RE: AD7927 analog input specifications

    Hi Evan,

    For AD7927, the typical Analog input DC Leakage current is around -13nA. It was taken on the same condition stated on the datasheet. While Analog input impedance is very low since SAR ADC consists of DAC capacitors. This is the reason why it needs…

  • AD7927 issues when powered by 5V rather than 3.3V

    Hello,  I am utilizing the AD7927 ADC that is found populating the PHYTEC phyCORE-BF537 board.  It appears according to the schematic that their engineers have wired it up correctly.

    I am connecting to the AD7927 through the SPI port on the Blackfin ADSP…

  • AD7927驱动程序 单片机STM32

    请问谁有AD7927 的驱动程序,我想将其与单片机STM32相连