• AD7924 SPI error

    Hi guys.

    I bought a little AD7924.

    I tried to use it, but it did not work well.

    Several experiments have shown that the CSB and DIN (MOSI) of the SPI interface are reversed from the datasheet.

    I would like to know if the AD7924 I purchased is faked…

  • AD7924 intermittened fault: 31% high readings

    Hello everyone,

    We have a design for 2 isolated low-frequency voltage measurement channels, supplied by ADUM5401, using ADR03AKS reference, and the AD7924 ADC.  We use only channels 0 and 1.

    Everything seems to work well, but we have had a few cases…

  • AD7924数据手册没写温漂参数,请问是多少呢?

    失调误差和零代码误差最大正负8通常是0.5LSB影响精度大吗?  这款精度怎么样能说说吗?

    至少1MSPS 12位 4通道 对精度有要求的有好芯片介绍吗?


  • AD713作跟随器出现发热现象


  • RE: Proteus library of the 8052 microcontroller

    What specific part are you asking for, a ADuC8xx or just a specific ADC and/or DAC - than this is the wrong community.

    But normaly we offer Multisim SPICE models for some selected products and BXL files (here linked for a typical ADC AD7924) which are…

  • RE: AD7357 how to check the DC Accuracy in worst case condition

    Hi Kevin,

    I have attached some list of ADC that were Automotive Qualified. Do you have specific paramater that you are looking for an ADC? like Throughput rate, no. of channels, or Resolution.

    You can also visit the Analog Devices website and filter…

  • Difference between AD7924WYRUZ and AD7924BRUZ

    in two of our boards we use AD7924WYRUZ AD Converter.
    This ADWs are spezified in AD7924WYRUZ  automotive quality.
    Our supplier ordered and received a reel marked with AD7924WYRUZ.
    A lot of this chips are placed on our boards – now we found…
  • RE: Measurement of pulse amplitude - suggestion for ADC

    Hi Henning,

         We have some I2C ADC interface that may fit your application, you may check the AD799x. Just like to ask on when are going to use the trigger feature, is it when the pulse amplitude hit some kind of limit or outside the range? I am also…