• AD7915的输入阻抗多大??


  • AD7915 VDD接3.3能工作么

    AD7915 VDD接3.3能工作么

  • AD7915  CNV引脚SDI/CS怎么用的

    AD7915  CNV引脚SDI/CS怎么用的

  • AD7915 - Connection of VDD bypass caps to AGND or DGND?

    From customer:

    I am planning to have independent AGND and DGND ground planes in my system, and plan to short the two GNDs together at or under the ADC.

    If I use the AD7915, would the bypass capacitors for VDD (2.5V power rail for ADC core) be connected…

  • AD7915的三线模式能用stm32SPI库函数读取么,感觉时序差很多啊


  • RE: Negative and positive voltages with LTC1403


    After some revision I decided that I need bigger ADC. I choose AD7980 or (eventaully) AD7915. A think I can drive AD7915 with ada4945 but what about AD7980? Only chance is to shift level to drive AD7980? You propose me before LTC2328 but it to expensive…

  • RE: ADA4940和ADA4941的区别

    合适的就是最好的,AD7982和AD7915 的采样率都是1MHz,ADA4941的带宽够用了,ADA4940可以适用于更高速要求的信号链。

  • High precision weigh scale solutions for Fine weight check on Conveyor belt in Factory.


    Dear AEs,

    I needs solutions measuring for fine weight check on Conveyor belt in Noodle Factory.(Ramen)

    currently, she use AD7710 for 10Hz speed but it does not meet at 100Hz speed. so she use a HBM-AD104 module.

    she has been evaluating various solutions…

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