• AD7903与EVAL-SDP-CB1Z配合使用时,AD7903工作在什么模式?




  • AD7903 problem.

    Hi all,

    i'm using the AD7903 ADC in the CS Mode, 4 Wire interface without busy indicator.

    the differential input voltage is 3.6[V], and when im trying to read the ADC number, it simply doesnt work. im always getting random numbers that have no…

  • AD7903 Labview Source Code

    I‘m using the AD7903 to measure temperature. I am currently using the AD7093 evaluation software and the AD7903 Evaluation Board to collect some data. However, I want to add the algorithm of temperature in the evaluation software. So I need the AD7903…

  • AD7903输出0x8000


  • AD7903 Simultaneous Sampling


    I want to use the AD7903 in the way of Simultaneous Sampling. But Im not sure, how connect them with the SPI interface.

    http://www.analog.com/static/imported-files/data_sheets/AD7903.pdf page 25

    Can I make it in this way? First SPI interface…

  • AD7903 calculate LSB


    the question is about the AD7903 http://www.analog.com/static/imported-files/data_sheets/AD7903.pdf

    I have calculate the LSB with

    u_LSB = u_in / 2^n

    The input voltage (full scale) is u_in = +-5V when Ref=5V and resolution of 16 Bit.

    => u_LSB…

  • Offset problem Eval-AD7903

    Good morning !

    My name is Jordan and i am an engineer student.

    I have a question with my evaluation board AD7903. The evaluation board input range is +/-5V. We have an offset of 2,5V next this enter, and then the ADC. When there is no signal the input…

  • AD7903使用问题


  • Drive AD7903 with AD8476


    I want to drive the ADC AD7903 with the ADC Driver AD8476 at a throughput of 1MSPS. Is it a good choise, to take the AD8476, because in the datasheet I found: "Suitable for driving 16-bit converter up to 250 kSPS".

    Best regards


  • Interfacing AD7903 with Labview or Matlab


    I have assembled a Direct Conversion Receiver (CN0374 in the Design Center CN0374 | circuit note and reference circuit info RF-to-Bits Solution Offers Precise Phase and Magnitude Data to 6 GHz |…) using ADL5380 (Demodulator), ADA4940 Low Noise…