• RE: ADL5380-EVALZ DC IF Problem

    Hi Eric,

    Currently, the only software available specifically geared towards the AD7903 is the customer evaluation software that is associated with the AD7903 SDP-compatible evaluation board.  There are many devices in the ADI SAR ADC portfolio that have…

  • Error reading data of the AD7903

    I'm using AD7903,Read data using FPGA from the ad7903. Use the  CS Mode, 3-Wire Interface Without Busy Indicator.Reading data is always 0x8000.this is why?

  • AD7903 problem.

    Hi all,

    i'm using the AD7903 ADC in the CS Mode, 4 Wire interface without busy indicator.

    the differential input voltage is 3.6[V], and when im trying to read the ADC number, it simply doesnt work. im always getting random numbers that have no…

  • RE: AD7903 calculate LSB

    Hi Dirk,


         I think you computed the LSB right. LSB should be 152.6uV. It is computed as  [Vref - (-Vref)] / 2^16. The AD7903 datasheet will be updated to reflect the correct one.



  • RE: AD7903 Simultaneous Sampling

    Hi, Dirk.

    Let me check on this. I'll get back to you soon.



  • Interfacing AD7903 with Labview or Matlab


    I'm using the AD7903 (16 bit ADC), and the SDP-B board for downconverting a GHz signal to baseband.    I am currently using the AD7093 evaluation software as prescribed in the Design Center page. However, I would like to know if there is any…

  • RE: Drive AD7903 with AD8476

    Hello jcoloa,

    thank you for your suggestion, I will heed it.

    I have look at the link, but their are some things, which I do not understand. Maybe, you can help me?

    Front-End Amplifier and RC Filter Design for a Precision SAR Analog-to-Digital Con…

  • AD7903输出0x8000


  • Offset problem Eval-AD7903

    Good morning !

    My name is Jordan and i am an engineer student.

    I have a question with my evaluation board AD7903. The evaluation board input range is +/-5V. We have an offset of 2,5V next this enter, and then the ADC. When there is no signal the input…