• AD7902

    I have got a question about the AD7902 ADC.

    How big is the input resistance of the analog inputs?

    In the datasheet I found only a value of 400 Ohm, however is this right?

    It seems to be a bit too little.


  • Amplitude/phase panel in the AD7902/AD7902 Evaluation software?

    I'm trying to recreate the experiment in this application note: RF-to-Bits Solution Offers Precise Phase and Magnitude Data for Material Analysis

    In this note there is an Amp/Phase panel which can be useful for live updates on the phase differences…

  • RE: Can you supply the internal ID info of EEPROM on EVAL-AD5111SDZ

    Hi Quantum3,

    I dont know the EEPROM address for AD7902 and AD9833.

    They will be answered by ADI expert guys.

    And you should ask them BY ADI model.

    Eval board for AD7902 doesnt have EEPROM. Also AD7902 chip alone.


  • RE: Can you supply the internal IDs of EEPROM on EVAL-AD7902 and AD9833?

    Hi Ryan again

    Thanks for the ID information of the EEPROM in the discussion I think that you are the expert to help me in AD7902 + EVAL_SDP-CB1Z in a programmable environment (LabView-MATLAB). 

    In the executable format of AD7902, when it gives an error…

  • RE: Interfacing AD7903 with Labview or Matlab

    Hi Hakan,

    Here is the LabView source code for the AD7902 / 03.

    -- Ryan

  • Conversion problem with AD7902

    Hi everybody,

    I’m Giacomo, electronic engineer from Loccioni Group.

    We are testing the ADC 7902 in the range 0-5V, and we have an issue ADC conversion.

    The conversion curve (Volt to counts) is linear in most of the range but there is a windows of…

  • RE: AD7902 Pin pitch


    The standard pitch for a 20 lead quarter size outline plastic (QSOP) package is 25 mil.  25 mil in millimeters is 0.635 mm.  The 0.64 mm figure is 25 mil rounded to two digits of precision.

    -- Ryan

  • Chip Select Mode of the AD7902


    I have got a question about the CS mode of the AD7902 16 bit ADC.

    I will use two spi ports for the two adc channels.

    MOSI for the CONVST signal, MISO for the SDO and the SCLK.

    While using the CS mode, I have got to connect VIO to VDD and SDI…