• Amplitude/phase panel in the AD7902/AD7902 Evaluation software?

    I'm trying to recreate the experiment in this application note: RF-to-Bits Solution Offers Precise Phase and Magnitude Data for Material Analysis

    In this note there is an Amp/Phase panel which can be useful for live updates on the phase differences…

  • AD7902

    I have got a question about the AD7902 ADC.

    How big is the input resistance of the analog inputs?

    In the datasheet I found only a value of 400 Ohm, however is this right?

    It seems to be a bit too little.


  • AD7902 Pin pitch

    Please teach me AD7902.

    Pin pitch to AD7902BRQZ data sheet has been described as 0.64mm.

    I have a simple question.

    Pin pitch of the general SOP is 0.65mm.

    0.64mm Is only this device?


    I would like to use to determine the pattern design value.

  • Conversion problem with AD7902

    Hi everybody,

    I’m Giacomo, electronic engineer from Loccioni Group.

    We are testing the ADC 7902 in the range 0-5V, and we have an issue ADC conversion.

    The conversion curve (Volt to counts) is linear in most of the range but there is a windows of…

  • Chip Select Mode of the AD7902


    I have got a question about the CS mode of the AD7902 16 bit ADC.

    I will use two spi ports for the two adc channels.

    MOSI for the CONVST signal, MISO for the SDO and the SCLK.

    While using the CS mode, I have got to connect VIO to VDD and SDI…

  • AD7902+ADP7104-2.5V组合工作电流过大



  • 关于AD7902-03评估软件的问题

    在“CN0374:RF至位解决方案可提供6 GHz信号的精密相位和幅度数据“这篇文档中看到AD7902_03的评估软件是带有测量幅度和相位时用于校准的模块的,如下图。但是现在官网的版本都是没有的这个模块的,请问哪位有带有这个模块的软件版本吗?

  • RE: AD7902/AD7903 Evalution Software 保存到tsv的数据和界面上显示的不一致