• RE: Comparator Hysteresis


    1. The spec table has min, typ and max values for a comparator with built-in hysteresis. Example is AD790

    2 and 3. The external hysteresis set by the user will overwrite the internal hysteresis. Please refer to page 4 of this document

  • Replacement for PMI119-883

    I am looking for a replacement for comparator PMI119/883 and  was wondering if
    you still
    produce the above comparator or have a direct replacement?


    Here is the obsolete report on PM119Y/883C:

    Obsolete Part Data

    Generic Number…
  • RE: AD96685TQ已经停产了吗?

    AD790 太慢了。。。。。。。 40ns


    其他公司有比ad790快的多的,温度范围大。  但还没有找到小于2.5ns。


  • RE: how to convert sinus to square 10Mhz with input 1.2v or 2.2v


    Apologies for the late reply. You can use AD790 for converting your sine wave to square wave. 

    You can use the circuit below as reference for your application. You will just need to set pin 8 depending on the absolute value of your voltage at the…

  • RE: Direction of AD790A bias current

    Hi Harryh,

    Thank you very mach for your quick reply.

    I understand that + mark means the bias current flows into and

    - mark means the bias current flows out of the device in your datasheets

    which means the AD790 bias current flows into.

    And we have…

  • How to detect float analog input


    we are using AD790 in one of our product "loadcell Transmitter ".

    The problem we are facing is when loadcell is disconnected we are not able to warn to user .

    I know if the voltage is 0 or full scale something happen but when loadcell…

  • RE: Ultrafast Comparator for Sine wave at 16KHz

    Hi All,

    The AD790 will handle 10V p-p. It's a 1990s vintage part.



  • RE: AD8228构成的压控振荡器



  • RE: AD790JNZ External hystersis


    your considerations are correct. The feedback resistor R1 in hysteresis.jpg is times higher than R2.

    For you hysteresis you can replace one of these resistors by a series connection of a fixed resistor and

    a potentiometer.

    The AD790 is not…

  • AD9834BRUZ Double Check

    Hello everyone,

    I was trying to simulate the AD790 in multisim for awhile now, and t seems to be failing.

    So, I am turning to the community for this one. Posted is the circuit that I will be using for my DDS. Would someone be willing to double check…