• AD7893-2 +5V Power Rail

    The AD7893-2 converter has a specification on the bottom of the second page of the datasheet giving a Vdd of 5V, and under comments says "+/-5% for specified performance." 

    I am curious what performance degrades when the part is ran outside…

  • AD7893SQ-5 product support and Datsheet

    I have been working with the AD7893 for a while.In order to reduce the errors associated I went with the QM version of the product, BUt there is no datasheet available regarding it. I needed to know whether we can use the QML…
  • RE: the junction-to-case thermal resistance

    Hello Leec, 

    should be able to help you for the ADG1411. 

    For the AD7893, kindly start a new thread in the Precision ADC community. 



  • RE: Part Status


    All part numbers can be found on sample and buy section


    Probably the exact part number for what you want is AD7893BRZ-5.


  • RE: ADI 12位的adc 和DAC转换  有没有?

    对于ADC 12bit 8pin脚的产品,您可以考虑AD7893、AD7895(但是这两款都是外部参考);AD7896是内部参考。


  • RE: Dose LTM2893 suit AD7983?

    Hi Eric

    Thanks a lot for your information about  AD4003+LTM2893.

    Could you have any information about whether AD7983 is compatible with the LTM2893,  i am considering using AD7983 with LTM2893 because i have used AD7983 in my prototype design.

    and so…

  • AD7892: Overvoltage protection

    Customer would like to have a technical confirmation concerning the min and max
    input voltage of the AD7893-2...
    Do you confirm that digital info is locked at 111...111 when input voltage is
    between +FSR (2.5Volt) and +10Volt ?
  • 关于AD7893SQ-10/883B