• Problem with AD7892-1

    Hello. I'm using AD7892 with +/-10V input range, parallel outputs and internal 2.5V reference. ADC is giving correct output for all voltages except above 9.9V. For 9.9V and above, On checking EOC# signal on scope, it is seen that EOC goes low and remains…

  • https://ez.analog.com/data_converters/precision_adcs/w/documents/2936/ad7892-overvoltage-protection information seems uncorrect

    Theme of this topic is AD7892 and specification and answer is correct for AD7892-3 but not for AD7893-2  like it is specified in the question and answer. Because AD7893-2 datasheet specifies possibility of the -5 and 10 V on the Analog Input. Could you…

  • Problem AD7892 serial mode

    Hello! Could you help me with the implementation of a consistent regime AD7892 chip. I connect it to the microcontroller ATmega129. Follow all the instructions written in Datacheet, but the data on the chip is not transmitted. Tell me what could be the…

  • AD7893-2: Analog Input Range Specifications

    Customer would like to have a technical confirmation concerning the min and max
    input voltage of the AD7893-2...
    Do you confirm that digital info is locked at 111...111 when input voltage is
    between +FSR (2.5Volt) and +10Volt ?
    Same confirmation…

  • RE: Datasheet for Obsolete and replacement ICs

    Hi Masoud,

         For this AD7892, both should have the same specification. Kindly specify particular concern that you wanted on this part.



  • RE: Low frequency glitches introduced in signal by ADG1606

    Hi Nandu,

    Can you share your application schematic so we can understand how the circuit works?

    Do you have screenshots of the FF:

    • S16
    • D

    Also, can you share a scope shot when filter is bypassed and place the oscilloscope probes at:

    • Channel 1 - AD7892…
  • AD7892AN-1的使用问题

    1. 按下图原理图上的接法,测试AD7892的convst管脚,低电平最低到2.5V,而不是0.8V以下。去掉AD芯片,测试隔离芯片164245的输入输出高低电平正常。


  • RE: AD7982采集到的电压是实际电压的一半,频率是信号频率的两倍。