• RE: Regarding AD7891


    I recommend the AD7091R-8 family. It is an 8 channel 12-bit, ultralow-power, successive approximation analog-to-digital converter (ADC). The  AD7091R-8 operates from a single 2.7 V to 5.25 V power supply and is capable of achieving a sampling rate of…

  • AD7891: FAQs

    AD7891AS and AD7865BS-1 have been stressed to +225C (10second) IR soldering.
    Will this destroy the components?


    The absolute maximum IR soldering (15 Sec)lead temperature specified in the
    AD7891 and the AD7865 datasheets is 220 degrees C. As the…

  • AD7891: Thermal impedance

       Is it normal  working condition of the analog-to-digital converter
    AD7891AS-1, when it's surface temperature is +40C and outter temperature is
    about +20C?


    Power dissipation of the AD7891 is about 100uW. Thermal resistance (thetaJA…
  • Question for your AD7891 ref output

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I have some questions for your AD7891.

    When we use by standby mode for AD7891,

    1)Does REFOUT(2.5V) stop, when AD7891 doesnt convert for a long time?

    2)If we do the soft-standby mode, then REFOUT stop the 2.5V output, correct?


  • AD7891-1: First conversion is incorrect

    we would like to know your opinion concerning a problem we are facing with
    component "AD7891-1".
    We use this component in bipolar way, with input voltages between +10V and
    -10V. Data reading is effected in parallel.
  • [AD7891]Data Access Time after Falling Edge of /RD (t9 max value)


    The customer would like to know about timing spec of AD7891 for their host side design.

    According to datasheet page 4, t9 min value is specified as 25ns. Do you have maximum time specification of t9?

    How long the user should be wait to receive…

  • AD7891ASZ-1 error


    The customer has a question. Could you give us advice?

    The customer wants to know the impact when the conversion timing delayed.

    Does AD7891 stop work at that time?

    Does AD7891 restart?


  • AD7891ASZ-1 when supply VDD in digital and analog power supply separately


    Our customer will start to design the mixed signal circuits with AD7891ASZ-1.

    They are looking into circuits that supply the VDD separately for analog (pin4) and digital (pin13) power supply line.

    In the datasheet, from "Power Supply Bypassing and…