• Linux driver for ad7888

    I see there is linux kernel driver support for the ad7887, but the very similar ad7888 does not seem to have a driver anywhere.  Can I use the same driver?  Can I read all 8 channels using this driver, since the 7887 is only a 2 channel device?

  • RE: IIO framework for AD7321 driver


    We currently do not have a IIO driver for the AD7321. But there is a driver for the AD7887 which has a similar interface, the main difference is the placement of the bits in configuration register. You should be able to adopt it to work with the…

  • RE: AD7888 interfacing

    Hi Kd0704,


       Sorry missed the thread. In the future, if you have questions related ADC or precision ADC in particular, please start a thread in the Precision ADC community.

       On your question on where to start, You should have a board or set up using…

  • RE: add sysfs trigger

    Now I set all unused pins to "-1".  When kernel start I see this message:


    setting trigger mode 2 for irq 54 failed

    ad7887: probe of spi1.0 failed with error -22


    To date I see "ad7887" in the"/sys/bus/spi/drivers/", and don't see…

  • 关于AD22293Z经过ADXL203推荐电路后的比例因子


  • Q&A on ADXL203EB (Dual Axis Accelerometer Evaluation Board)

    1. ADXL203 Accelerometer itself is marked 33878203xlI382, Is the accelerometer
    supposed to have a zero G bias of 0V or 2.5V?

    2. At zero G upon measurement with an oscilloscope my accelerometer produces 1V
    and the self test feature produces…
  • Please suggest high-speed ADC (5 - 50 MSPS) for sampling AD8318

    Hi All,

    I have an AD8318 based circuit which samples a pulsed RF signal with a pulsewidth on the order of 1 usec.  I would like to use an ADC to convert the analog output of the AD8318 to digital so it can be read and processed by an FPGA.  The design…

  • RE: AD7357 how to check the DC Accuracy in worst case condition

    Hi Kevin,

    I have attached some list of ADC that were Automotive Qualified. Do you have specific paramater that you are looking for an ADC? like Throughput rate, no. of channels, or Resolution.

    You can also visit the Analog Devices website and filter…