• AD7887


    Can anyone possibly tell me how to check if my AD7887 is working  or not?

  • AD7887


    I'm using an AD7887 (Vdd +5V) to read a 2 axis accelerometer. I'm following the datasheet, ma I can't read valid data.This is what I'm doing:

    1) CS to low

    2) delay 5us

    3) on first clock cycle I give an HIGH state on DIN pin (DONTC…

  • AD7887: Overvoltage protection

    Our project uses the AD7887 in a mixed voltage system. During a fault /
    failure it is possible that the component is not supplied with 5V, but that
    one of it's inputs (CS and/or CLK) is set high by a 3.3V component on the
    PCB. I presume…
  • AD7887: Using the interal reference

    I have used AD converter AD7887 in analog acquisition board and I have found
    this problem:
    I have used on-chip reference externaly on board and reference voltage change
    its value when conversions
    are stopped.
    I use AD7887 in mode…
  • Interfacing AD7887 with Atmega 32

    Hi,  I am trying to interface AD7887 with Atmega32, and I am stuck with how to read Spi for continuous 16 clock cycles. Also, I came across this code for AD7887_Read16Bits(), where one needs to pass 2 control bytes. What are these control bytes?

  • AD7887 ADC数据采集


    CS==MCU IO








  • What are the maximum rise and fall times for SPI signals to the AD7887

    I am using the AD7887 in an electrically noisy environment. I want to filter the chip select and clock signals. What range of rise and fall times can these inputs tolerate? Also, is there any hysteresis on these inputs. The timing specifications table…

  • RE: add sysfs trigger

    Now I set all unused pins to "-1".  When kernel start I see this message:


    setting trigger mode 2 for irq 54 failed

    ad7887: probe of spi1.0 failed with error -22


    To date I see "ad7887" in the"/sys/bus/spi/drivers/", and don't see…

  • Linux driver for ad7888

    I see there is linux kernel driver support for the ad7887, but the very similar ad7888 does not seem to have a driver anywhere.  Can I use the same driver?  Can I read all 8 channels using this driver, since the 7887 is only a 2 channel device?

  • RE: IIO framework for AD7321 driver


    We currently do not have a IIO driver for the AD7321. But there is a driver for the AD7887 which has a similar interface, the main difference is the placement of the bits in configuration register. You should be able to adopt it to work with the…