• AD7836 DAC driven by FPGA. FPGA powered AD7836 not yet powered. Will it damage AD7836

    1. We have a system where AD7836 DAC is driven by an FPGA. FPGA provides Data and Commands to AD7836.

    2. If FPGA is powered and provides Data and Control but AD7836 is not powered, will it cause damage to AD7836

    3. In the same system we have ADC AD7865…

  • 2 Questions for your AD7865-1

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Our customer asked the following 2 questions to us.

    As for your AD7865-1 ADC,


    Customer put -10V DC between (VinxA+VinxB) to AGND for a few seconds.

    So in this case, your AD7865-1 is broken the over voltage, correct?

    Your ABS…

  • RE: AD7865 supply voltage


    It was only the AVDD supply of the AD7865 that was at the lower limit, this was due to the 1st order RC filter. The rest of the analogue signal chain had a 5V +/-20mV supply.

    It looks like some PCB issues have caused the problem with the AD7865…

  • RE: An issue about AD7865

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    Thank you,
  • Input Impedance of AD7865-2

    Dear Sir, I'm using a AD7865-2, have some problem convertion results. There is a simple Low pass filter on the Vin of AD7865-2. But Resistor value is Zero  ohm, and Capacitor is 0.01uF. In this case, the conversion result is good. But in case of that…

  • AD7865的内部时钟问题

    在AD7865的DATASHEET的引脚 /H  / S SEL功能说明中有:When this pin is at a Logic 0,the AD7865 conversion

    sequence selection is controlled via the SL1–SL4 input pins and runs off an internal clock.


  • AD7865: Multiple CONVST

    Is it possible to restart the con version with two consecutive /convst signals
    in direct requence (double function of signal necessary) ? The second pulse
    will follow the first directly (100ns pulse width )


    A conversion is triggered…
  • DAC AD7836 and ADC AD7865

    Dear Madam / Sir,

    Kindly clarify the following points:

    1. AD7836 requires 5-V for logic circuit and +/- 15-V and Vref+ and Vref- for the analog section.

    Is there any powering sequence for these voltages or can we power up simultaneously.

    Of course…

  • AD7865AS-2 and ad7865ASZ-2差异?

      在设计中采用AD7865 4通道ADC采集数据,由于采购问题,第一次采购的了AD7865AS-2,

    第二次采购回来的是 AD7865asz-2. 通过数据手册查看到二者没有区别,但是在使用中对于同样的



    AD7865AS-2             AD7865ASZ-2

    8196                        2049      

    9347                        2348

    10680                        2677