• Doubt regarding 1) -ve voltage input to AD7864 2) 12-bit Word generated by the AD7864


    I would be very grateful, if someone could answer my questions.

    1) I am using the AD7864 adc(schematics have been attached). Though i am not giving any -ve voltage as Vcc (My Vcc is +5V only) i am able to get even -ve cycles of sinewaves or whatever…

  • AD7864: FAQs

    What is the meaning of the absolute input voltage


    The AD7864 is a replacement for the TI part ADS8321 so the product line has put
    the “Absolute Input Voltage” spec in the general specifications section of the
    datasheet (as in the…

  • AD7864: Pin Connections

    Q1.: I will only be using two of the four analog inputs on the AD7864. Do I
    need to pull the two unused inputs low or is this done internally by the AD7864.

    Q.: 2 I will be connecting an external reference (AD780) to the AD7864. The
    external reference…

  • AD7864 input terminal

    It is a question about AD7864.
    The absolute maximum rating of the input terminal of the AD7864 is written as "-7 V to + 20 V".
    Is this applicable even when the power is off?

    Best regards

  • AD7864: CLKIN pin

    I will be running the AD7864 from its internal clock, i.e. #INT/EXT CLK pin
    pulled low. Is it OK to leave the unused CLKIN pin floating or do I need to
    pull it low also.


    Yes its OK to leave it floating.

  • AD7864-1



    I have a question about AD7864BSZ-1REEL.

    ① In data sheet P1
    "Selection Input Range: ± 10 V, ± 5 V for AD7864 - 1"
    Although there is description, please tell me how to select the range
    * Currently it is used in the ± 5 V range, but when using…

  • RE: Question about AD7864


    Please see the table below.



  • AD7864: Chip Select Inputs

    Other inputs on the AD7864 (#STBY, #WR and Chip Select Inputs SL1 & SL2) are
    going to be pulled high via pull-up resistors. Do these lines need to be pulled
    high to the +3.3V supply or to the main +5V supply (DVDD)?


    These can be pulled…

  • AD7864 External Clock


    I have a question AD7864 External Clock.

    AD7864 DS writed, 'The highest external clock frequency allowed is 5 MHz.'

    AD7864 is cannot use 6MHz external clock?

    And what is AD7864's max external clock?

    Best regards


  • AD7864-2: ESD

    Customer wanted to know the sensitivity level for  AD7864, ESD data for this pn
    is not available on the reliability report


    The ESD we have for the HBM of the AD7864-2 is 500V