• AD7856

    Can someone please help me in knowing the difference between the AD7856AN and AD7856ANZ variants

  • AD7856 Example


    Is there a sample Arduino sketch that uses the AD7856 at its full or near full sampling rate?

    I read the 2013 post on this device and the Arduino, but would benefit from a more concise and tested sample sketch.

    Many thanks!

  • AD7856: Using a NPO capacitor

    In Your data sheet for the AD7856ARS page 7. Pin 7 CREF1, it says 470n NP0. Is
    this correct?
    We cant find such high value with NP0.


    The recommendation that the 470nF capacitor be an NPO type is not really
    required in practice. We…
  • AD7856: VREF usage

    We want to use the internal reference of the AD7856. We connect only one 100nF
    on the Refin/Refout pin (4)... We have 3.84V on this pin, I suppose to have
    4.096V... Can you confirm that the reference in is normaly at 4.096V if we
  • AD7858: Channel Switching and Software Conversion

    I am programming bean for AD7856 and AD7858. I would like to known why two
    separate writes are required to set a new channel address and initiate
    conversion on that new channel in software for AD7858 and not for AD7856. (Data
    sheets page…
  • AD7856 Calibration mode and test mode

    Hi ,

         My customer is using AD7856 now, They don't know when they should use Calibration mode and test mode, And there are no more detailed description  about test register and calibration register,Would you please offer more document to descript how…

  • RE: Problem with AD7856 SPI in Arduino... Help!!

    Hi, Miguel.

    I would just like to clarify, is the MISO line (4th image) the captured ADC result for an input of 5VDC on AIN1? Also, can you check if your channel 2 (for SCK) is also inverted? Note that the AD7856 datasheet states that when a noncontinuous…

  • RE: Measurement of pulse amplitude - suggestion for ADC

    Hi Henning,

         We have some I2C ADC interface that may fit your application, you may check the AD799x. Just like to ask on when are going to use the trigger feature, is it when the pulse amplitude hit some kind of limit or outside the range? I am also…