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  • 采样保持芯片AD783的使用



    我的问题是:1.这个电路里的ONE-SHOT 是什么电路,



  • 关于采样保持芯片的选型问题



    1)AD783的Acquisition time典型值是250ns,是不是只能使用小于4MSPS的ADC采样场合。如果不是,我的需求是否可以满足。

    2)如果我要实现1ns内等效采样10个点,对于参数Acquisition time是否精度必须小于100ps,还是只要系统提供的触发脉冲边沿精度满足小于100ps即可。


  • RE: AD7928 Track-and-Hold Acquisition Time


    The AD7928 has an integrated track and hold and should not need the AD783. 

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  • RE: High-speed infinite sample and hold

    Hi Sean,

    Thank you very much for your help. Unfortunately, we can't use sample and hold amplifier such as AD783/781 because they cannot hold the Vout forever. I wonder can we make a circuit like the attached one above. At first, the switch is on and…

  • ADALM1000 MHz Sampling Oscilloscope / Spectrum Analyzer completed

    I have now completed the design and construction of both PCBs that make up a high speed sampling front end plugin for the ADALM1000. The programmable DDS sampling clock generator board was discussed here.

    A new smaller all SMD board based on the AD783…

  • RE: 峰值保持电路 运放推荐


  • High Speed SHA turns the ADALM1000 into MHz Sampling Oscilloscope / Spectrum Analyzer

    I’ve been working with the ADALM1000 for a few months now and I thought it might be a good time to dust off this idea I wrote about in the November 2011 issue of Analog Dialogue and see how well it works with the ALM1000.

    Front End Turns PC Sound…

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  • RE: AD783JRZ

    Hi Adam,

    Are you looking for a SPICE model to simulate the performance of the part? Unfortunately, the AD783 is one of our older parts and we do not have a SPICE model available for it.

    Apologies for this inconvenience.