• AD7829: difference between AD7829-1 and AD7829

    Do you know the difference between AD7829-1 and AD7829? I can not find the
    exact difference.


    AD7829-1 is an AD7829 redesign. Recommend AD7829-1 for new designs.
    The main differences between the old version and the new version:
  • AD7829's low noise immunity ? Difference between AD7829 and AD7829-1 ?

    Dear all,

    We are applying AD7829 in our design.

    Within several hours or several days later in the normal temperature environment

    we have very often experienced AD7829's surface temperature becomes hot and A/D converted data are stuck at some fixed…

  • RE: AD7829

    1. VDD上电后多长时间,开始发/CONV脉冲开始转换的?AD7829 have a 1 μs power-up time when using an external reference and a 25 μs power-up time when using the on-chip reference.

    2. 可以尝试用一个4.7kohm电阻,把/CONV上拉到VDD试试。

  • AD7829 recommended usage of VDD

    Are there any recommendations for applying VDD on AD7829 ?


    We recommend the following when using our AD7829 ADC:

    1)When powering down the AD7829,  we recommend that you do bring VDD all the
    way to 0V when powering down, before re-applying…
  • Unused Analog inputs on AD7829

    For AD7829, if we don't want to use some channels, can we leave them unconnected?

    What's the better way to deal with these unused channels?

  • Using the AD7829 in a 3.3V +/-10% application with a 3.7V power supply

    Can the AD7829 be used with a 3.7V power supply?

    this is outside of the 3V±10%  and 5V±10% ranges?

    Would this have any effect on the devices life or performance?

  • .file_attr 1="1";

    Building a project imported from CCES 1.1.0 to 2.3.0 I get this error:

    [Error ea5004] "C:\Users\G\AppData\Local\Temp\acc3554de5a000\acc3554de5a001.s":659 Syntax Error in :
    .file_attr 1="1";
    syntax error is at or near text '1'.…

  • AD9523-1  Can I precisely adjust output clock frequency with AD9523-1 (EVAL-AD9523-1)?


    I would like to inquire if it is possible to achieve precise frequency control with EVALZ - AD9531-1? I'm interested in generating a clock signal that is a multiple of femtosecond laser output pulse rate, which can be something close to 80…

  • Arduino UNO and ADXL345 getting 0 0 0 OR -1 -1 -1 outputs with SPI communication

    I have EVAL-ADXL345Z evaluation board from Analog Device hooked up to the Arduino UNO R3, the code complies and runs fine. At first I could still get…

  • RE: Can't get data ADC data to be in [-1, 1) range on EZ-KIT SC589

    Hello Brain,

    Thank you for the update. Happy to know that the problem has been resolved.

    Best Regards,
    Santha kumari.K