• AD7829: difference between AD7829-1 and AD7829

    Do you know the difference between AD7829-1 and AD7829? I can not find the
    exact difference.


    AD7829-1 is an AD7829 redesign. Recommend AD7829-1 for new designs.
    The main differences between the old version and the new version:
    If the oscillator…

  • Are there any recommendations for applying VDD on AD7829 ?

    Are there any recommendations for applying VDD on AD7829 ?


    We recommend the following when using our AD7829 ADC:

    1)When powering down the AD7829,  we recommend that you do bring VDD all the
    way to 0V when powering down, before re-applying power…

  • IBIS Model or S-parameter file for AD7829

    Is IBIS Model or S-parameter file for AD7829 available? If so, please share. Thank you

  • AD7829


  • RE: Unused Analog inputs on AD7829

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  • RE: Using the AD7829 in a 3.3V +/-10% application with a 3.7V power supply

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  • AD7829's low noise immunity ? Difference between AD7829 and AD7829-1 ?

    Dear all,

    We are applying AD7829 in our design.

    Within several hours or several days later in the normal temperature environment

    we have very often experienced AD7829's surface temperature becomes hot and A/D converted data are stuck at some fixed…

  • AD 7822 Confusing ~PD and ~CONVST

    Good day everyone!

       I'm about to use AD 7822 but as I read the datasheet, I got confused regarding the ~PD and ~CONVST. The AD 7822 powers up (getting ready) if ~PD is logic high OR ~CONVST is logic high (after #ns of ~EOC duration). The word OR here…

  • AD7825: RD permanently low

    The RD signal is it intended to transfer
    the data on the bus
    or can be tied always to low level?


    If you are using the AD7829 or the AD7825, the RD/ signal is essential for the
    operation of the device as the falling edge of RD/ is used to latch…