• ADE7816 multiple issues while working on EVB

    Hi all,

    I am using AD7816 EVB to go through the working of IC. While working on it I am facing few issues while interpreting the values coming from IC.

    First let me explain you my setup:

    1. I am using Rogowski coils(100mV/KA) connected on three channels…
  • ADE7816 Angle Measurement


    I have a problem with my ADE7816 about Angle Value. I have set PCF_x_COEFF with same value as attached in datasheet 0x400CA4 because i used 50Hz. But the Angle value is not match with LUTRON DW-6092 Power Measurement. For the example, Angle Value…

  • RE: Problem with power factor measurements (ADE7816)

    Hi himani,

    thank you for your help,

    I am using this reference meter:


    we use this meter before and I think it's accurate, up 30th armonic to 50Hz.

    Today I have changed the load…

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