• AD7812驱动


  • AD7812 power-up problem

    We are using AD7812 and during the tests the ADC stopped working and it returns
    the same values on all channels (for example 1.58VDC). We need to turn off the
    equipment to recover the ADC. We also tried to shut down only the regulator
  • AD7812: Control and addressing

    In the manual there is an information that this IC has 10 bit control
    register, but the timing diagram shows that I have to write 0x6040 ( 16 bit )
    after power-up and 0x4040 every cycle. Is it a  mistake in manual or how can I
  • Bipolar input version of AD7812

    I'm looking for an equivalent part to AD7812 but one which can accept a +/-
    input.  Preferably pin compatible.


    The analog input channels can be configured as pseudo differential
    channels..refer to page 9 of the datasheet for more…
  • Power-On-Reset problem on the AD7812

    After power-up it may happen - the exact circumstances are not quite clear -
    that the AD7812 enters some indefinite state. Starting an conversion and
    reading out the result of the previous conversion produces false values.It
    seems the…
  • AD7812 Serial A/D Converter intermittent latch to a constant value


    We have developed a Cash Dispenser Controller around BF531 with AD7812 for A/D conversion. We have observed AD7812 output latching to a same value for all 8 channels and can only be recovered by Power recycle. This happens all of a sudden/intermittently…

  • RE: ad7811 demo code


    I just reviewed the data sheet for the AD7811/AD7812 and I believe the section you are referring to is the Quick Evaluation Setup section. In this section, a suggested configuration for evaluation of the AD7812 is presented. The procedure for evaluating…

  • AD7578:  Reset

    We use a AD7812 in a electronic control command for train and we have
    big problems on small break-down of VDD.

    I like to know how the chip is reseted?
    Is it on the rising edge of the VDD ?
    If this is the case, is there condition on…
  • RE: AD7357 how to check the DC Accuracy in worst case condition

    Hi Kevin,

    I have attached some list of ADC that were Automotive Qualified. Do you have specific paramater that you are looking for an ADC? like Throughput rate, no. of channels, or Resolution.

    You can also visit the Analog Devices website and filter…