• AD7811 - DOUT stucks to fixed value no matter Vin value


    We meet some trouble concerning AD7811.

    Sometimes during running, ADC stucks to fixed value (decimal = 82) independ of input voltage on all channel.

    We need to power down AD7811 to clear this behavior.

    AD7811 is connected directly to FPGA.


  • AD7811: FAQs

    The output from the AD7811 is stuck at 1023 decimal regardless of the voltages
    applied to the inputs. 


    The problem is to do with the way the AD7811 resets itself during power on. If
    Vdd drops down to the region 0.8-1.2V and is then brought back…

  • AD7811 body marking

    Can anyone advise if AD7811 always comes with an AD in front of the part number eg AD7811 on the topside body marking? or does it exist as 7811 as well. Pls note I'm not talking talking about the AD logo but the alphabet AD.

  • AD7811: Power up sequence

    I need some another informations . At  the start-up, I need to make a cycling
    of power-down and power-up to make sure having a correct start-up of the ADC.
    Could you give me the best sequence of dialog between my driver and the ADC :
    exact words…

  • ad7811 demo code

    there are some ad7811 demo code?

  • AD7811: Incorrect O/P code

    I have a problem with AD7811 getting stuck at random values. Also, the chip
    gets hot in this situation. Has happened on several boards. After restart it
    may work for a while. All mux inputs are connected to GND or circuitry on 5V
    supply like the…

  • RE: ello, i am looking for the data sheet for pn: AD7714ANZ-3. I have tried searching online and there is no data sheet with single channel pin



    Look at pages 3 and 7 of the rev C AD7714 data sheet.  It's there.

    However, I would not do a new design with the AD7714;  it's very ooooold.

    Look at the AD7770 or AD7779.

    If you need PDIP, then use multiple AD7822 or AD7811.


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