• AD780 Noise ?


    I am having trouble verifying the noise level in the AD780.  I have an AD780BRZ mounted to a prototype PCB with 1uF ceramic input cap, 0.01uF ceramic cap on the TEMP output and an 10 uF ceramic output cap.  I am using an HP Dynamic Signal Analyzer…

  • RE: What is the Required input current for the AD7490 REFin Pin

    Hi Ryan,

    The AD780 can source up to 10mA. can i use AD780 for 5ADC's


    Suresh N

  • AD780S:  Do you have any radiation reports, TID or SEE  for AD780S ?

    I am currently evaluating AD780 voltage reference. Since this product is QMLR,
    could you give me radiation reports (TID and SEE)?


    We have a TID radiation test report for the AD780S devices. See attached.

    Unfortunately, we do…
  • RE: AD780 EOL or LTB?

    This question has been assumed as answered either offline via email or with a multi-part answer. This question has now been closed out. If you have an inquiry related to this topic please post a new question in the applicable product forum.

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  • AD780 long term drift

    I have questions about the AD780 long term drift spec need your help.
    In the datasheet, the long term stability is +/-20ppm/1000hr (typical), and
    there is note for it, says "The long-term stability specification is no
  • RE: AD780 with 2,56V Vout

    Thanks harryh,

    I think i will use an operational amplifier to create 2,56V which will be much more reproducable. Even if you are right that software calibration is done today, i try to get as much as possible out of every bit of the DAC and ADC. Perhaps…

  • RE: could we have the Quality report for the Die AD780-001C

    Hi Mickael,

    The AD780-001C is not a known good die product.



  • AD977A: is it possible to use one AD780 to be the ref voltage of 16 AD977A for +-10V range?

    Is it possible to use one AD780 to be the ref voltage of 16 AD977A for +-10V


    It will cause problems. For AD977A, there is a current from AD780 to R3IN (See
    circuit in fig 16a/16b, attached).  Therefore AD977A will interfere others…
  • AD680 adding tow capacitor


    Do you have a graph of the Compensation and Load Capacitor Combinations?

    Or is the same as the Compensation and Load Capacitor Combinations of AD780 Fig 6?

    Thank you.

  • AD7864: Pin Connections

    Q1.: I will only be using two of the four analog inputs on the AD7864. Do I
    need to pull the two unused inputs low or is this done internally by the AD7864.

    Q.: 2 I will be connecting an external reference (AD780) to the AD7864. The