• AD780S:  Do you have any radiation reports, TID or SEE  for AD780S ?

    I am currently evaluating AD780 voltage reference. Since this product is QMLR,
    could you give me radiation reports (TID and SEE)?


    We have a TID radiation test report for the AD780S devices. See attached.

    Unfortunately, we do…
  • AD780: FAQs

    Thermal data


    The junction temperature depends on a lot of variables, such as supply voltage
    applied, output load, etc etc.

    Tj = Ta + theta_ja x Pd
    This article explains how to estimate junction temperature.

  • AD780 Noise ?


    I am having trouble verifying the noise level in the AD780.  I have an AD780BRZ mounted to a prototype PCB with 1uF ceramic input cap, 0.01uF ceramic cap on the TEMP output and an 10 uF ceramic output cap.  I am using an HP Dynamic Signal Analyzer…

  • AD780 EOL or LTB?

    Need to know if product line AD780 has been issued an EOL [end of life] or LTB [last time buy] notification? Specifically asking this question in reference to AD780BR.

  • AD780 long term drift

    I have questions about the AD780 long term drift spec need your help.
    In the datasheet, the long term stability is +/-20ppm/1000hr (typical), and
    there is note for it, says "The long-term stability specification is no
    cumulative. The drift…

  • RE: AD780 with 2,56V Vout


    I moved the thread to Voltage Reference as part of the objective to close all open threads in the Amplifier community.
    The thread might be old but may be useful to other users that might have the same concern.


  • AD7980 Ref Input Driven by AD780

    Hi Team,

    I am planning to use AD7980 with AD780. Do I need to use a buffer between AD7980's ref input and AD780's output? From the datasheet of AD780, it looks like it already has a built-in buffer.


  • ad780输出3v有问题。





  • AD780 +Vin Pin and DNC Pin Problem

    Hi All,

    End user raised up the below question for un-powered I-V curve tracing with input voltage between both -5V to 5V and -1.5 V to 1.5V. No application or on-board test result available. 

    According to the un-powered curve tracing, pin 2 (Vin-power…

  • could we have the Quality report for the Die AD780-001C

    ould we have the Quality report for the Die AD780-001C