• AD780S:  Do you have any radiation reports, TID or SEE  for AD780S ?

    I am currently evaluating AD780 voltage reference. Since this product is QMLR,
    could you give me radiation reports (TID and SEE)?


    We have a TID radiation test report for the AD780S devices. See attached.

    Unfortunately, we do…
  • AD780: FAQs

    Thermal data


    The junction temperature depends on a lot of variables, such as supply voltage
    applied, output load, etc etc.

    Tj = Ta + theta_ja x Pd
    This article explains how to estimate junction temperature.

  • AD780 Noise ?


    I am having trouble verifying the noise level in the AD780.  I have an AD780BRZ mounted to a prototype PCB with 1uF ceramic input cap, 0.01uF ceramic cap on the TEMP output and an 10 uF ceramic output cap.  I am using an HP Dynamic Signal Analyzer…

  • AD780 EOL or LTB?

    Need to know if product line AD780 has been issued an EOL [end of life] or LTB [last time buy] notification? Specifically asking this question in reference to AD780BR.

  • AD780 long term drift

    I have questions about the AD780 long term drift spec need your help.
    In the datasheet, the long term stability is +/-20ppm/1000hr (typical), and
    there is note for it, says "The long-term stability specification is no
    cumulative. The drift…

  • AD780 with 2,56V Vout


    I liked to use a AD780 as a 2,56V reference voltage source and would like to calculate the resistor value(s) i would need to achieve my goal. Unfortunately the datasheet only says use a 25k poti as Rpot for +- 4% adjustment. Sadly it does not…

  • AD7980 Ref Input Driven by AD780

    Hi Team,

    I am planning to use AD7980 with AD780. Do I need to use a buffer between AD7980's ref input and AD780's output? From the datasheet of AD780, it looks like it already has a built-in buffer.


  • ad780输出3v有问题。





  • AD780 +Vin Pin and DNC Pin Problem

    Hi All,

    End user raised up the below question for un-powered I-V curve tracing with input voltage between both -5V to 5V and -1.5 V to 1.5V. No application or on-board test result available. 

    According to the un-powered curve tracing, pin 2 (Vin-power…

  • could we have the Quality report for the Die AD780-001C

    ould we have the Quality report for the Die AD780-001C