• AD7799 convert error / AD7799转换出错


    when I use ad7799, sometimes the conversion time is too long and the conversion data is wrong, but it returns to normal after a power failure. What could be the cause? Has…

  • RE: AD7799 Conversion


    Looks like this question was just transferred from a different community and might be long overdue. However, for others who may find this a similar issue let me try to address this. 

    First, yes you are correct the absolute AIN voltage limits (unbuffered…

  • AD7799: FAQs

    I have a question about the timing of AD7799.
    The Datasheet  says "Ready Bit. Cleared when data is written to the data
    register. Set after the data register is read or after a period
    of time before the data register is updated with a new conversion…

  • AD7799: Changing channels

    Works 100% in a single channel application. Am trying to switch channels on the
    fly. Will allow me to change channels on initialisation but not during run


    When the channel is changed with this family of products, the ADC is

  • AD7799: SPI issue

    My customer has problems with the SPI interface of the AD7799.  When he wants
    to read out e.g. the status register, he gets as a response two bytes with the
    value "0". The schematic was checked two times, so we are quite sure that there …

  • AD7799 Noise Sources

    When using the AD7799 in my own implementation, I am seeing a noise (at Gain=6, Rate=16.7) of around 2-4uV. When I use the Eval-AD7799 board, I get a noise of about 0.1-0.3uV. I have tried multiple input filter configurations (the Eval board has none)…

  • AD7799 - Communication Issue


    I'm trying to communicate with the AD7799 IC and I'm facing the following issue.

    All I'm trying to do is write to the Configuration Register and read back the settings I wrote to it.

    I'm using an Arduino Pro's SPI BUS  (ATMEGA…

  • Understanding AD7799 calibration

    I am trying to understand what the four calibration constants mean, and how to use them:

    1) If I want to perform a calibration, do I first perform both zero and full-scale internal calibration, followed by the external calibrations? If so, what is the…

  • AD7799 problem.

    Why I can never see the NOREF bit in the Status byte even if I set to 1 the REF_DET Configuration Register?

    I have shorted the Refin+ and Refin- inputs, but the Noref bit never goes high.

  • AD7799 calibration

    Hello, i would like to further understand:

    1) how to read the internal calibration full scale register content. 

    2) how to interpret the content 

    This is not very clear for me from the datasheet. I saw other adcs like 7738 with more details, but i do…