• Gain Drift over time

    Do you have any data for gain drift over time for the AD7799?


    The gain drift for AD7799 is typically 20ppm/1000 hours.
  • AD7799 - problem with SPI verified with oscilloscope - help me understand?


    I am trying to establish communication between a Renesas RL78/G13 and an AD7799 - as detailed here:
    AD7799 - Microcontroller No-OS Driver [Analog Devices Wiki] 

    (My case is a little different in that I am using a proprietary RL78 PCB, but configured…

  • RE: Driving AD7799 with 3.3v logic and 5v supply


    AD7799 can operate with DVDD voltage level of 3.3V while AVDD=5V. However, although AD7799 has separate supply pins, the AGND and DGND pins are tied together internally. Thus, it must not tie to separate ground planes unless connected together near…

  • RE: AD7799读取寄存器会出错



  • RE: AD7799 - values "jump" at a specific, non-zero point when instrumentation amplifier is active

    I found a small problem - here is the last clock rising edge from the 24 bits send from the AD7799:

    Blue is SCK, Green is DOUT from AD7799

    Baudrate 312500bps

  • RE: Using an AC excitation in other ADCs not the AD7195.

    Hi Robert,

    The AD7799 does not support AC excited applications. The AD7799 is not capable to accept inverted references.

    For AC excited applications, we only have the AD7730 and the AD7195.

    Thanks and Best Regards,


  • AD7799 and  AD420 on same SPI



    om my board There is one ad7799 and ad420 .

    after setup ad7799 I realized that unlike ad7799 the ad420 need clock

    to be low in ideal state .


    is there any solution for this problem ?


    and as i see in ad420 it accept all data in Data in…

  • RE: AD7799 Linux Driver

    Hi Scott,

    I was able to do some more tests on the AD7799. In order for the driver to work properly, you need to connect the DOUT pin from the AD7799 to both the SPI DIN pin from your microcontroller and also to a different pin configured as an interrupt…

  • RE: Action of analog to digital convert for AD7799

    Hello Kaos,

    the SCLK does not influence the analog to digital conversion. The AD7799 has an internal master clock of 64 kHz. This internal clock is used by the AD7799 for the analog to digital conversion.

    The SCLK is only used for SPI communications…

  • Does the AD7195 Use An Averaging Filter At Slower Output Data Rates

    We have been using the AD7799 Analog to Digital Converter chip on our controller board for weigh scale applications for the past couple of years.  We have had good success, but for some of our applications we need a faster output data rate.  We recently…