• AD7799: SPI issue

    My customer has problems with the SPI interface of the AD7799.  When he wants
    to read out e.g. the status register, he gets as a response two bytes with the
    value "0". The schematic was checked two times, so we are quite sure that there …

  • AD7799: Changing channels

    Works 100% in a single channel application. Am trying to switch channels on the
    fly. Will allow me to change channels on initialisation but not during run


    When the channel is changed with this family of products, the ADC is

  • AD7799 convert error / AD7799转换出错


    when I use ad7799, sometimes the conversion time is too long and the conversion data is wrong, but it returns to normal after a power failure. What could be the cause? Has…

  • Calibration (offset and full scale) of AD7799 sequence and period question

    I am going to use AD7799 in a project to measure two different analog inputs.

    I need to convert two channels every 15 secs. so every 15 secs: I run a single conversion for CH1 and then change Config register to set input channel CH2 then run a single…

  • AD7799 AVDD Monitor 1.17V Internal Reference

    When monitoring a voltage on the AVDD pin, what is the accuracy/stability of
    the 1.17V internal reference used for analog-digital conversion?


    For the AVDD monitor, an internal untrimmed 1.17V reference is used. AVDD is
    divided by 6 and the…

  • AD7799: Problems with communications via serial interface

    I use AD7799 in recommended circuit in continuous conversion mode on 1 channel
    (1st). Sometimes (perhaps due to EMI) I have some problems with serial
    interface. recommended way of reset (32 '1') works, but I can't determine the

  • I have a question about the timing of AD7799.

    I have a question about the timing of AD7799.
    The Datasheet  says "Ready Bit. Cleared when data is written to the data
    register. Set after the data register is read or after a period
    of time before the data register is updated with a new conversion…

  • RE: AD7799 Conversion


    Looks like this question was just transferred from a different community and might be long overdue. However, for others who may find this a similar issue let me try to address this. 

    First, yes you are correct the absolute AIN voltage limits (unbuffered…

  • AD7799 内部放大器是什么放大电路?

    AD7799 有一个可编程的内部放大器。他是一个什么功能的放大电路,是同向?反向?差分? 还是其他功能的,望解答。谢谢!