• AD7798: Electrostatic experiment of AD7798

    When we do electrostatic experiment, the part cannot convert.


    the registers on board the AD7798 can be corrupted due to ESD. So, the
    registers lose their contents and the SPI interface may become asynchronous. A
    reset (32 1s) will…
  • ad7798

    Hi,  i have two questions about AD7798

    1. we know that AD7798 doesn’t contain a Vbias at the input front-end. if the customer wants to detect a signal-ended small signal(mV level,need 128 gain stage), he needs to add a Vbias to the input to satisfy the…

  • EVAL-AD7798 FW


    You know,  EVAL-AD7798 use Cypress mirco chip. I want to refer to EVAL-AD7798's cypress code for my micro code to control AD7798. Where do I can download it?

    Best Regards,


  • AD7798 - Power Sequence

    I would like to know the power supply sequence of AVDD and DVDD for AD7798.

    Does AD7798 have the power-up sequence in AVDD and DVDD?

    Only when ADC is used, I want to turn on AVDD, And DVDD is always turned on.

    I know AD7798 supports the power down…

  • AD7798 Power

    I have a board with an AD7798 and a SPI Nand Flash.  To save power we turn off the AVDD power supply when we aren't doing measurements.  DVDD is still powered by 3.3V which the MCU and the NAND Flash is on, however the SPI bus sometimes gets locked…

  • RE: AD7798 Zero and Full calibration


    Yup, apologies if you are using AD7798 (16 bit) data register then that would be correct.



  • RE: 16-bit alternative for AD7193


    You may take a look at AD7795 or AD7798, both are 16 bits ADC with the above requirements.



  • RE: AD7798 and register configuration


    Apologies for the delay. May I asked further details so we can understand what's happening in your system. Can you share us your schematic as well as your register map settings? I would also like to know on how are your reading the data registers…

  • RE: AD7798 Linux Driver


    What data-output-rate did they configure? The part supports data rates in the range from 4.7 Hz to 470 Hz. So 30 ms sounds like a realistic time that a single-shot conversion will take.

    The high-speed buffer interface is not relevant for this part…

  • AD7798 v AD7710 for precise measurements in presence of external vibration

    The AD7710 works well in the precense of external vibrations, but when I use
    the AD7798 the performance falls to unacceptable level in the precense of the
    same vibrations...can you explain ?


    The AD7710 uses a free-running filter with…