• RE: ADC Filter Design

    Hello Anadig,

    is this a general question or are you asking about the AD7795 digital filter specifically. There is an excel model on the AD7795 product page which shows the filter response of the AD7795 digital filter at different output data rates. The…

  • RE: 大家好,想问一个关于AD7794芯片的问题

    问一下你使用的是AD7794 还是AD7795,

    如果是AD7795的话, 输出的就是16bit数据

  • ad7795 burning up

    I've had several failures in a product line using the ad7795.  The ad7795 is being used to measure the resistance of RTD temperature sensors.  In a few of our boards the ad7795 burns up.  My technician is reporting burn marks on the top of the part and…

  • RE: Initializing the AD7795


    I found that the error 22 was coming from the call to request_irq in the ad_sd_probe_trigger function of ad_sigma_delta.c. 

    I'm connecting the AD7795 to our SoC on the MISO line of the SPI bus, so I adjusted the irq of the spi_board_info struct…

  • RE: AD7794 what is the ID number within reg for AD7794 and AD7795?

    Hello Riscy00

    The ID for the AD7795 is 0xXE and the ID for the AD7794 is 0xXF. On the present silicon (April/2011), the AD7794 ID register reads 0x4F and the AD7795 ID register has a value of 0x4E. The ‘4’ represents the revision of silicon.

    The address…

  • AD7795 calibration

    We are using AD7795 in a product. Factory sys cal takes place at 60mV on
    appropriate range. We now have a requirement to also add a lower range. Is
    there a way of calculating the cal register values for the lower range from the
  • AD7794/AD7795

    Hi all ;

    I would like to design a loadcell reader and pressure reader; in   our old control card we used to use AD7705 ; but now I think AD7794/95 is better ; it is six channels ;

    I confused about which one is the 24bits resolution 94 or 95?

    other question…

  • AD7795 REFIN+/-

    Dear community, we inted to use AD7195 with AC excited strain gauge but in datasheet we have seen that pin REFIN+ must be in the range AVDD-AGND+1 and REFIN- in the range AGND to AVDD-1. If we use AC excitation pin REFIN+/- range from AVDD to AGND. Is…

  • RE: 16-bit alternative for AD7193


    You may take a look at AD7795 or AD7798, both are 16 bits ADC with the above requirements.



  • AD7795 : Internal voltage reference

    Does anyone have any information on temperature hysteresis for the internal voltage reference on the AD7795 ?