• EVAL-AD7794 VDD voltage issue

    Dear sir/Mam

    I'm trying to connect a loadcell with 350 ohms of impedance (Model 3510 Vishay PG). The source of power is USB i.e. 5V. Under no loadcell, the voltage on the VDD line of the board is 5V but after connecting the loadcell, the voltage on the…

  • AD7711, AD7785, AD7792, AD7794 Specifications


    I would like to know MAX values for the specifications of the four ADCs below.

    Please tell me these value.

    ・ AD7711
    ・ AD7785
    ・ AD7792 / 93
    ・ AD7794 / 95

    ・ Offset Error (max)
    ・ Ofset Error Drift vs Temperature (max)
    ・ Full-Scale Error…

  • EVAL-AD7794 LabVIEW Source code need


    I'm using EVAL-AD7794 board, and I want to control various parameters and process the data further. So, I need LabVIEW source code to modify it a little for our application.

    Someone, Please share the LabVIEW source code for EVAL-AD7794.

  • AD7794 External Voltage


    I want to use an external voltage of 3.3V for AD7794 to fully capture the signal.

    Which voltage reference component you suggest me to choose?

    And should I connect the REFIN- pin to the GND? 

    Thank you.

  • RE: AD7794 what is the ID number within reg for AD7794 and AD7795?

    This question has been assumed as answered either offline via email or with a multi-part answer. This question has now been closed out. If you have an inquiry related to this topic please post a new question in the applicable product forum.

    Thank you,
  • Reference design of 18 channel themocouple(K type) measurement with AD7794


    Planning to design a signal chain for 18 thermocouples (K-type) with AD7794.

    Please suggest  a signal chain or route me to the suitable application note.


    Tarani Chaitanya

  • ad7793/ad7794 python - node-JS - C#

    We have decided to evaluate this chip in one of our builds. Our build runs on the ASUS tinker board and the OS (Debian) is most similar to the Raspberry Pi 3. Most of our code is running Node-JS and python.

    I have the chip on a board attached to the tinker…

  • AD7794 intead of ADUCM360


    I want use AD7794 instead of ADuCM360 in CN-0359 Circuit Note.

    But I am confused about which pin configuration I should use.

    I have indicaetd the ADC pins in the picture.

    What should ADC[3:0] pins pole configuration be?

    For example : ADC0, ADC1,…

  • AD7794 EVAL KIT can not config register

     the register can not config,needed update the MCU procedure?

  • AD7794 multichannel sample error

    The AD7794 can sample only one channel(if AIN1+,ANI1-) data correctly,when i add another signal,like AIN2+,AIN2- the sampling incorrectly,when i remove the channel AIN2 signal, the AIN1 channel can sample recovered,what's wrong happened?Anyone could help…